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Solutions for employees

Get the best of the social enterprise to improve effectiveness and interaction between your employees.


  • Connect employees
  • Help them sharing their knowledge
  • Let them collaborate and interact
  • Manage their contents and information
  • Make their life easier dealing with customers and processes
  • Automatiza procesos de solicitud, gestión, aprobación,…

“We have obtained collaboration improvements thanks to Yammer and thanks to ENCAMINA adoption project, now do everything easier”

María Jesús García
CIO Porceland Group

Operational Intranets driving knowledge

Your intranet, built over SharePoint and Lync, will help your company and employees to manage contents and information through collaborative, but also structured processes. At your intranet we will deploy departmental sites, document libraries and processes, project management sites, business scorecards, collaborations places, groups of discussion, corporate news, apps, and more…

  • Increase organizational effectiveness and productivity
  • Resource Savings
  • Integrated with employee desktop
  • Easy to adopt
  • Fácil adopción
  • Mejora el clima organizacional

Social Intranets empowering employees

Your social intranet, built over Yammer and SharePoint, will connect your employees between them, letting them collaborate and share their knowledge and ideas, and also making their life easier dealing with customers, processes and innovation.

  • Collaboration focused
  • Simple to use, easy to adopt
  • Multiplatform, multidevice
  • Fuels innovation
  • Fasten problem resolution
  • Cool for employees and customers

Employee Self Service streamlined processes

The Employee Self Service solution offers a suite of typical internal business requests that a medium or large organization requires, such as holidays, expenses, training, internal promotion or purchase requests.

SharePoint and NINTEX give the forms, the framework, the workflows and the LOB integration your company needs.

  • Improves overall business productivity bringing order among all template requests to different departments.
  • Utility and value to employees
  • Eficiency and harmony for supervisors
  • Improves overall productivity

Solves any request or issue effectively

Helpshare, is the HelpDesk, ticketing or ServiceDesk tool, based on SharePoint and Nintex which speeds resolution processes requests of all kinds. It manages all types of applications, facilitating requests and incidents be resolved by the support team, customer service or contact center development company.

  • Different work panelsfor every user profile
  • Flexible and opened to customization
  • Resolution workflow automation
  • 100% integrated in the SharePoint framework

Quality management, agile and collaborative

QualityShare facilitates the work of the Quality departments of any organization that has implemented a Quality Management System ISO 9001. QualityShare is based entirely on SharePoint, and extends the QualityShare features with all its capabilities and possibilities.

  • Working space for quality team and Managers
  • Eliminates the use of paper altogether
  • Centralized information
  • Direct evidence
  • Team collaboration
  • Dynamic and distributed access



Web, ecommerce and CRM solutions to better connect and interact with them.

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Improve control and operational efficiency with mobile, cloud and workflow automation systems.

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Web, ecommerce and CRM solutions to better connect and interact with them.

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