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Make the lifecycle of your Microsoft applications profitable

Through continued maintenance (corrective and operational), adaptation and improvements. ENCAMINA takes care of its monitoring and optimization in terms of costs, resource consumption and licenses

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SERVICES that improve the lifecycle of your applications

Application Lifecycle Management

Corrective, operational and evolutive maintenance

Application Support/Help Desk

Level II support

Application Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and optimizing performance and monitoring the use of applications

Ideal Environments

  • Software applications built on core languages to Microsoft technology, such as .NET (C#, ASPX and even VB, among others)
  • Collateral technologies such as HTML, CSS, JS and different frameworks
  • Solutions built on SharePoint, Office 365, Azure PaaS, SQL Server, etc.

Our Maintenance STRATEGY

1.  Absorption of the applicatifs in the package to be maintained:

  • Inventory of applicatifs
  • Compilation of documentation
  • Recovery of sources and environments
  • Construction of new environments within the productive model of ENCAMINA
  • Acquisition of knowledge, first tests, etc.

2. Establishment of governance, interaction with customers and billing model

3. Continuous and sustainable service of maintenance, deployment and support of the life cycle of applications

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