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Reale Group powers their data infrastructure with Azure AI

REALE Group, with precense in Italy, Spain and Chile is made up of thirteen companies in different sectors which are applying Machine Learning models that allow them to improve their business processes and that have a positive impact on their clients. Hand in hand with ENCAMINA, and cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure Databricks, the company has improved its efficiency in the use of data.

IKEA personalizes the experience of their clients with Azure DataBricks

ENCAMINA has developed for IKEA an ambitious data science project, based on Microsoft Azure Databricks which aims to advance in the hyper-personalization of the experience provided to each client in each country. In recent years, the need to maintain a digital relationship with customers has multiplied, and IKEA is immersed in a continuous transformation to change the way its products are presented, both within its stores and outside of them, in line with the demand of its customers.

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Build and deploy Smart data lakes and adopt DataBricks over Azure

Azure Smart Datalake 

The Principle of Any Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Project

Build and keep in sync a centralized repository with all the data you’ll need to get value from the technology you later decide to use

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Databricks Adoption

Adopt Azure Databricks Analysis Service in Your Company

Fast, simple and collaborative Big Data based on Apache

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