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DataBricks Adoption: Adopt Azure DataBricks Analysis Service in Your Company

Fast, simple and collaborative Big Data based on Apache Spark

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What is Azure + Databricks?

Azure Databricks is an Apache Spark based analytics platform optimized for Microsoft Azure cloud services
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  • Quick and easy configuration with a single click
  • Optimized workflows
  • Collaborative workspace between scientists, data engineers and business analysts 
  • Native integration with Azure Storage services
  • Azure security (enterprise level) 
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How Can DataBricks Help Your Organization?

como puede ayudarte databricks

Unifies work

DataBricks combines the work between Data Scientists and Data Engineers.

Standardizes the tool

DataBricks standardizes the tool to work in teams on coding projects, program on the same collaboration and development platform and take it to production from a single system. 

Discover Azure Databricks Adoption in 1'

Broad Objectives of Our Adoption Service

potencial para tu empresa

Boost your company

Discover all the advantages Azure Databricks has to offer and the potential it can bring to your company. 

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Offer you greater autonomy

Transfer the knowledge to the whole organization to gain autonomy in the shortest possible time

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Facilitate adoption and use

Decrease the period of adoption and improve the use of the platform. Get the most out of Azure Databricks!  

Specific Objectives of Our Adoption Plan


Professionals work together in a single environment



Manage users and roles, create a workspace, etc. establishing how data connections are to be accessed, how they are to be shared, etc.


Manage the whole platform from a single location, easily and intuitively

Algorithm Lifecycle

Control the lifecycle of algorithms and notebooks around Databricks and AI 

Spark Cluster Self-Service

Self-Service or cluster self-governance. Define which types of clusters are to be used in each circumstance 

Integration Design

Enable integration with multiple data sources

ENCAMINA Adoption Plan

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Who is Azure DataBricks for?

Roles and Individuals

data scientist

Data Scientists

  • They can stop worrying about data management
  • Azure DataBricks ensures that the data they use in their calculations is of quality and up to date
  • Data is cataloged in such a way that they can know at all times the existing information in the Data Lake to enrich their models
data engineer 1

Data Engineer

  • No need to worry about managing clusters
  • Easier to program data streams
  • Automated workflows
  • Data flow monitoring
  • Automatic alerts and log acess
  • Democratization of clusters
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CDPs, VPs of Analytics

  • Fast and collaborative platform, accelerating the Time to Market
  • No need for DevOps
  • Self-managed security


  • Companies that want to simplify, make more flexible and streamline the entire system and data infrastructure / architecture 
  • Big Data development companies without a collaborative environment 
  • Companies that need to optimize the consumption of computing resources 

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