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Reimagine Your Software Architecture​

Take a Step Further in the Cloud Architecture of Your Business and Get the Most Out of the Power of Azure

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A Consulting Service That Improves, Optimizes, and Modernizes Your Universe of Business Applications



  • Redesign and homogenize the software architecture of your applications, services, and projects
  • Reduce/eliminate asset acquisition/building/maintenance costs and enjoy all the benefits of Azure
  • Modernize your services, APIs and applications, and even your own internal capabilities

Meet the Needs of Your Applications and Teams

Thanks to the new cloud software architecture:​​

  • We bring innovation and agility to your business.​​
  • We provide you with modern applications adapted to the latest technology.
  • Cost savings in infrastructure, licenses, and services and optimization in future developments.

Thanks to training and mentoring:

  • Improve your team’s capabilities without hiring new people​
  • Motivate your technical team with new projects, challenges, and knowledge

Analysis, Migration, and Training

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  • Definition of objectives​
  • Detailed inventory information on the company’s applications, systems, services, capabilities, and know-how​
  • Detection of any cloud transition blockers


  • Definition of the foundations for the cloud architecture​
  • Design of Cloud migration steps


  • Definition of requirements​
  • Source Code​
  • Deployment / automation​
  • Testing









Create Your Roadmap and Bring Innovation, Agility, and Efficiency to Your Organization

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  • Provides insight on how clients should rethink the software architecture they have today to take full advantage of all Azure capabilities and features.​
  • Clients gain insight into the roadmap they should follow to improve their cloud architecture and meet their present and future business needs.​
  • Trains clients to make decisions when considering new developments or improving current ones.​

Cloud Excellence at All Levels

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Cost Optimization: Cost management and improved governance to maximize added value

Operational Excellence: New processes, frameworks, platforms, capabilities, and knowledge to address future applications and services

Performance Efficiency: Ability to recover from failures and continue to function, as well as scalability and maximum speed

Security: Protection of users, applications, information, and data from threats and breaches

Success Stories

La Transformación Digital del Grupo Cortefiel, ahora Tendam

The Port Authority of Valencia Makes Its Historical Archive Available to All Citizens

ENCAMINA has created PUBLICARME, an AI platform that allows access to more than 11,000 historical documents of the Port Authority of Valencia through Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search and GADA-i technology.

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Reale sehuros potencia su infraestructura de datos con la Inteligencia Artificial de Azure y de la mano de  ENCAMINA

Reale Group Boosts Its Data Infrastructure with Azure AI

REALE, the leading insurance company in the Spanish market, is applying Machine Learning models that allow it to improve its business processes and have a positive impact on its customers. Hand in hand with ENCAMINA and cloud solutions such as Azure Databricks, REALE has improved its data usage efficiency.

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Instituto investigación

AZURE: Improving Productivity. The School in the Cloud

Brains International Schools is a group of private, bilingual, and intercultural schools. The group has a team of more than 500 employees and approximately 4,000 students. Their diversity, as well as their somewhat oversized traditional infrastructure (on local servers), led them to look for an Azure cloud strategy with the help of ENCAMINA.

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Why Should You Choose ENCAMINA?


⭐️ We are specialists in Microsoft technology, a passionate team of MVPs, RDs, MCPs, MCTs, and top talent.

⭐️ We also cover other profiles such as DevOps, Q&A, and Developers to fill any unfilled gaps.

⭐️ ENCAMINA has been developing business applications to improve and modernize its processes for more than 20 years.

⭐️ We are Specialists, Different and Reliable.

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