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Accelerate your journey to a data and AI-driven organisation with Microsoft Fabric

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ENCAMINA offers Microsoft Fabric consulting services for:

Unifying data from multiple sources and platforms.

Microsoft Fabric is a comprehensive analytics platform that provides the ideal solution for unifying datasets and improving their management, compliance, and security. Fabric provides a comprehensive set of services that enable data professionals to seamlessly ingest, store, process, and analyze data within a unified platform.

Breaking down organizational data silos

Microsoft Fabric, anchored by OneLake, is a transformative solution that enables the creation of data lake warehouses. In addition, Fabric offers a variety of customizable experiences, that allow users to tailor their data analytics journey for maximum efficiency.

Increasing agility and enhancing team engagement

It facilitates team collaboration. It integrates with key Microsoft 365 services (Microsoft Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, and Microsoft Viva Ideas), aligning with modern workstyles and enabling continuous digital transformation.

ENCAMINA offers a Unified Data Architecture service supported by Fabric

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Access and Data Analysis

A unified architecture facilitates access to data and its real-time analysis, enabling organizations to make decisions based on up-to-date and accurate information


Scalability and Flexibility

By centralizing data management, companies can scale their operations more efficiently and adapt to changing business needs without compromising performance or security.

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Data Integration

This approach promotes the integration of data from various sources, including on-premise systems and cloud applications, creating a holistic and coherent view of enterprise information.

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ENCAMINA offers a comprehensive Data Center of Excellence service that includes:

Assessment, Consulting, Implementation, Governance, Support

Center of Excellence (CoE)

An area that drives innovation and process improvement within the organization through the development of solutions in Microsoft Fabric.


A CoE should evolve during the organization’s transformation process by empowering users to become Data Driven.


Functions of the CoE

The main functions of the CoE are to detect and prioritize data-driven solutions to develop, empower users to leverage data and make informed decisions, govern Microsoft Fabric, train users to develop their own solutions, and provide support and complementary capabilities throughout the journey.

ENCAMINA implements Microsoft Fabric to achieve:

  • A unified analytics platform
  • A single SAS product with unified experiences
  • Data unification across all data sources and clouds
  • The end of data silos
  • Integration of data processing tools
  • Unified security and governance
  • Democratization of data analysis tools
  • Cost reduction and collaboration improvement
  • Empowering business users by creating a data-driven culture

With all these services, ENCAMINA is able to help medium and large organisations to succeed in their DataDriven and AIDriven journey

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