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SAP Intelligent Document Management, With GADA-i on Azure

We ENHANCE and EXTEND SAP Document Management

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Current SAP Archiving Systems

Companies are demanding that SAP document management (SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA) evolves to open storage systems within the powerful cloud world.

Thanks to the Chameleon connector, GADA-i becomes the ideal intelligent SAP archiving and documentation system on Azure.

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GADA chameleon

ENCAMINA + NOVIS EUFORIA Join Forces to Connect SAP to GADA-i

ENCAMINA, together with NOVIS EUFORIA, proposes an alternative solution to archive documents from the current SAP file server in a repository that guarantees the integrity and security of the documents in an independent, immediate, and TOTALLY automated way.

More information in the video below

Chameleon and ENCAMINA have developed GADA-i + SAP

A connector between GADA-i and SAP that communicates natively via ArchiveLink, supporting all SAP document processes.

(Generic Object Services, Records Management, Business Document Management, Document Management System (DMS))

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Chameleon enriches ArchiveLink features, adding the possibility to manage documents stored in GADA-i and Azure in an agile, integrated and enriched way.

Implementation of GADA-i, Intelligent Document Management for SAP

The GADA-i Intelligent Document Management service integrated with SAP has a very agile implementation that includes, in addition to a slight parameterization of Chameleon within SAP, the migration of documents to their new location on the Azure cloud within GADA-i.

With GADA-i, ENCAMINA offers you the possibility to connect/integrate your SAP digital archiving system with the full power of the AZURE cloud.

Más información

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Usage Scenarios

Thanks to the flexibility of GADA-i in configuring the periodicity with which documents are saved, there are two main scenarios:

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Continuous Dumping

Automated and continuous document dumping when specific business rules configured by administrators are met.


Document Archiving

When documents have a retention time or meet a specific business rule and it does not make sense to keep saving them in SAP occupying memory (documents older than 10 years).

Why Choose GADA-i + SAP


It does NOT affect other vendors' configurations or developments.

GADA-i + SAP connects to SAP without modifying or altering any previously developed customizations.

Cost Reduction

Reduction of the costs associated with the administrative tasks of manual insertion of accompanying documentation in the different processes.


Improved Document Management

Improved organization of accompanying documentation and SAP optimization.

100% Cloud-Based

GADA-i is a 100% cloud-based service on Microsoft Azure and can either be hosted on the tenant itself or delegated to ENCAMINA. Chameleon is a SaaS cloud service that does not require hosting on the tenant.


Data Loss Prevention

GADA-i + SAP minimizes the risk of data loss thanks to the implementation of automated processes.

Improved Productivity

Permanent access to digital documentation, from anywhere and without the need to access SAP.

GADA-i Features for SAP Thanks to Chameleon and Azure

SAP y GADA funcionalidades

Outstanding features provided by the connector to SAP:

  • Archiving of documents—ArchiveLink—and files—SAP Archiving—on the Azure storage medium used by GADA-i.
  • Immediacy: Minimal, quick, and easy configuration to enable a cloud repository in SAP within minutes.
  • High performance in ArchiveLink and Archiving scenarios.
  • Grouping of documents with parameterizable criteria.
  • Full traceability of access—reading/writing—to stored documents or files.
GADA y SAP funcionalidades

Outstanding features provided by the connector to GADA-i:

  • Storage of documents together with their metadata that can be parameterized from SAP.
  • Access to non-SAP users and users from any other corporate system to the stored documents, according to the criteria defined in the metadata.
  • Storage capacity in different types of repositories: long-term, cold storage, GDPR-compliant, deep archive.
  • Reduction of costs and complexity of file storage.
  • Unlimited storage space at a low cost.
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Why Should You Choose ENCAMINA?

  • ENCAMINA has an ideal combination of DevOps, Azure Iaas/PaaS Engineering, Security, and Consulting​ profiles.
  • Internationally recognized talent (MVPs).​
  • Proven experience.
  • Premium connection with vendors.
  • A mindset and attitude that always THINKS IN COLORS.
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