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Modern applications for the financial sector

Banking, insurance, real estate, risk or financial services need agile, scalable and secure solutions. ENCAMINA offers you the most reliable and advanced applications and architectures.

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Legacy Application Transformation Strategies on Cloud Architectures


Modernization of core collateral modules

Legacy corporate systems or legacy systems support, in many cases, the production and management of the company. Although technologically, they are at risk of obsolescence, legacy systems are still vital. The strategy for their migration should not be considered a big-bang or a lift-and-shift of the systems, which may not be compatible with cloud technologies, but as a roadmap to to gain new competencies and embrace new paradigms, technologies and systems. ENCAMINA has experience in legacy migration in financial institutions:

Coupling satellite systems

CRM, ECM, Apps, customer service bots, internal support bots, Document Management and archiving, etc., to advance the transformation strategy.

Migrating peripheral systems

We also have experience migrating several of these systems to new cloud environments, much more powerful and versatile, as in the case of document management and archiving, an example explained in our GADA-i | ENCAMINA system

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The new architecture of functions and API modules specified in Azure

The possibility of using the versatility of integration available in Azure Integration Services (Azure Logic Apps, Service Bus, API Management, Event Grid, Azure Functions, Azure Data Factory,..) to connect calls from different existing systems and functions, transforming parameters, adding business logic, policies and security, etc. is a strategy of progressive decoupling that can serve to advance the overall transformation of legacy systems while tactical needs are resolved (a new product, a new channel, a new regulation, etc.).

At ENCAMINA, we have experience designing and carrying out this approach to the legacy migration strategy.

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Extraccion de datos y analisis

Data mining for modern, intelligent analysis

We help to design and implement a strategy of extraction, transformation and synchronization of different legacy data sources to work with the potential at the level of normalization, governance, analysis, prediction and derived actions provided by services such as Azure Data Services or platforms such as Synapse, Purview or Databricks in Azure.

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Implementing a conformed model of corporate systems helps to:

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Streamlining the company’s reporting capabilities

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To initiate new experimentation projects in the field of artificial intelligence.

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Develop new systems or applications that rely on corporate data to help decouple legacy functionalities in our systems.

Center of Excellence in Collaborative Applications

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In Teams as a Platform and LowCode (PowerPlatform)​

From the core management and production of the company (based on a mini, mainframe or any other legacy system), it is not possible to think of a solution to the hundreds of functional and operational needs of the departments of a financial institution.

  • In this case, working with the departments themselves with Low-Code solutions, such as PowerPlatform, can be an appropriate strategy, as long as it is well planned and governed from a Center of Excellence with the competencies, capacity, tools, processes and control compatible with the demanding needs of a company in the financial environment.
  • ENCAMINA offers PowerPlatform Adoption and Governance solutions and a Center of Excellence model that guarantees consistency with the company’s core systems.

Governance, compliance and information protection

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Guaranteed data and document security

Every entity in the financial environment needs a Governance Plan that allows them to have control and security over everything that happens around Microsoft 365 and establishes configuration guidelines that adjust the ideal balance of safety and productivity, aligned with business needs. Among other value propositions, ENCAMINA implements Azure Rights Management (RMS) and Azure Information Protection (AIP) to ensure the security of your data and confidential documents.

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