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Developing applications for smart devices

Extend the capabilities of your application with smart devices and connect unique experiences.

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What are smart applications?

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Currently, smart applications are closely related to the Internet of Things, aiming to enhance our quality of life and make our tasks easier by adapting to each situation based on the device we use.

These applications are characterized by adding enriched information from the real world/environment thanks to data obtained from their sensors, with which we can interact and provide a unique experience.

In addition, these applications are designed to transform processes and workflows in the workplace by integrating with enterprise systems such as CRM or ERP, or by incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to improve the work of employees. With these applications, daily tasks can be simplified and optimized to be more efficient and productive.

Basic and essential features to make the most of your smart devices

Push notifications

User registration

User login

Biometric access

Remember login credentials

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Side menu

Camera and gallery integration

Integration with phone calls, email, and WhatsApp on the device

User location detection

Map with user position and other markers


Together to success: we help you develop your smart app

At ENCAMINA, we understand how important it is for you to create your smart application, and that’s why we’re with you throughout the entire process, from conceptualization and design to development, distribution, maintenance, and continuous improvement advice.

We offer comprehensive support services, where you can rely on our experience and specialized knowledge to assist you at every stage of development. We develop custom smart applications for any platform and device, including iOS or Android. Additionally, we work with IoT systems, digital kiosks, or specific applications for smart devices such as VR glasses, drones, wearables, and more.

By utilizing advanced and standardized development technologies and methods, we ensure that the applications meet the needs of each client and user, providing a consistent and seamless experience across all devices they use to access or interact with the content.


Smart applications are ready to transform workplace processes and workflows by integrating with enterprise systems to improve the way people work

Advanced development technologies for creating unique experiences

Intelligent application development is divided into 3 main categories + VR development

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Native development

  • The application programming is carried out using the languages and tools provided by each manufacturer.​
  • The entire application must be programmed separately for each system (Apple and Google).
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Cross-platform development

  • The application programming is carried out using tools and languages from other companies.
  • It allows us to program around 90% of the application once and have it work on both Apple and Google platforms simultaneously.
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Hybrid development

  • The application is programmed like a website, and sometimes an existing website is used.
  • A cross-platform or native application is created, which simply acts as a shell for the website. This allows reusing work done for an intranet or a website and easily creating an application.
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VR development

Virtual Reality development is carried out using design and programming tools, commonly referred to as graphic engines.

Which one to choose? We help you make the best decision.

The choice depends on the situation, primarily we will choose between native and cross-platform

programacion nativa

Native programming

  • It allows us to work with tools and languages from each manufacturer, created specifically for their system.
  • It requires having an expert team for Apple and another for Google.
  • It’s more challenging to keep the application the same on both systems.
programacion multiplataforma

Cross-platform programming

  • It uses tools and languages created by companies external to the system.
  • There’s a small percentage of work that always needs to be done natively.
  • It allows having a single team that works simultaneously on both systems.
  • It’s easier to maintain the application the same on both systems.
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Hybrid programming

  • It allows us to reuse the work already done on the web.
  • Performance improvements are made on the web, so there’s no need to publish the applications in the stores with each change.
  • To get Apple and Google to accept the application, some work needs to be done on it: login, registration, notifications, etc.
  • The appearance and performance are not as good as in the other solutions.

Discover the benefits of leveraging smart devices and applications

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Greater mobility: allow workers to access information and perform tasks from anywhere, increasing flexibility and efficiency.

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Improved communication: sending and receiving emails, text messages, and voice calls, facilitating communication between workers and with clients.

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Increased productivity: they help workers manage their time and perform tasks more efficiently.

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Enhanced security: many smart devices include security features such as fingerprint authentication or data encryption to protect sensitive company information.

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Expanded information access: thanks to internet connectivity and access to information and resources online, any worker will have access to real-time updates and information.

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Why choose ENCAMINA?

  • An ideal combination of DevOps, Azure IaaS/PaaS Engineering, Security, and Consulting profiles​
  • Internationally recognized talent (MVPs)​
  • Proven experience​
  • Premium connection with the manufacturer​
  • An attitude and mindset always, THINK IN COLORS
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Do you want us to help you?

You just need to send us the following form, and we will get in touch to tell you more about how we can help you.