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Microsoft 365 and Azure security

Avoid Business Risk by Using Microsoft Security Solutions to Protect Your Entire Organizational Ecosystem

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Helping you work safely and with confidence

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Our goal is to increase confidence in the implementation and management of cybersecurity and regulatory compliance; as well as to achieve comprehensive protection of organizations’ cloud environments through tailored security, ensuring an efficient response to the ever-changing threat landscape.

In today’s digital environment, having a good security strategy is critical and requires proper design, management, and security training to ensure the security of applications, data, and networks.

Comprehensive End-To-End Security with ENCAMINA

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Threat Monitoring, Detection, and Response

Microsoft has a series of pre-and post-breach defense tools that natively coordinate detection, prevention, investigation, and solution of detected threats. This suite of tools helps us to have control over the cloud applications used in your organization, know its security maturity level and secure your email against phishing attacks, malware, etc.

The applications we use in this case are:

  • Microsoft Defender for Office365​
  • Exchange Online Protection​
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps​
  • Microsoft 365 Defender​​
  • Attack Simulator
  • Microsoft Sentinel​
  • Microsoft Defender for EndPoint
  • Microsoft Secure Score
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Network and Perimeter Security

Microsoft not only cares about protecting individual users, devices, or on-premise data but also monitors cloud security, finding weak spots and protecting web applications against common code injection techniques or DDoS attacks, and even targeted attacks.

The applications we use in this case are:

  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud​​
  • Azure Front Door​​
  • Azure Firewall​​
  • Azure Web Application Firewall
  • Azure DDoS Protection​​
  • Azure Bastion
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Identity and Access Management

Protect access to resources with a comprehensive identity solution that securely connects all users, applications, and devices, with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), a complete identity and access management solution with integrated security.

The applications we use in this case are:

  • Azure Active Directory (B2C & B2B)​
  • Conditional Access
  • Multifactor Authentication​
  • Privilege Identity Management​​​
  • Azure AD Identity Protection
  • Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)
  • Microsoft Defender for Identity​​
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Regulatory Compliance and Confidentiality Protection

Thanks to tools such as Microsoft Compliance Manager, we ensure compliance with the requirements of current regulations, assessing your current protection status, identifying risks, and recommending actions for improvement. In addition, with applications such as Azure Information Protection (AIP) or Microsoft information protection (MIP), we protect and prevent data loss by automatically identifying your organization’s confidential information.

The applications we use in this case are:

  • Microsoft Information Protection​​
  • Azure Information Protection​
  • Data Loss Prevention​
  • Sensitivity Labels
  • Data Encryption
  • Microsoft Compliance​
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud​​

Want a Microsoft 365 Governance Plan?

Different Layers of the Defense-In-Depth Model

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A layered approach to security:

  • Physical security, such as limiting access to authorized personnel only. *
  • Identity and access security, enabling access control to infrastructure and change control.
  • Perimeter security, including protection against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to filter large-scale attacks before they can cause a denial of service to end users.
  • Network security limits communication between resources through segmentation and access controls.
  • The process layer protects access to virtual machines—whether it be on-premises or in the cloud— by closing ports.
  • The application layer ensures that applications are secure and free from security vulnerabilities.
  • Data layer security controls access to enterprise and client data, while encryption is used to protect data.

*Physical security in Microsoft datacenters.

We Work with the Microsoft Security Framework Methodology

“Cybersecurity Reference Architectures”
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Risk Assessment

Integrate security knowledge into your risk management framework and digital initiatives.
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Integrated Security

Integrate security knowledge and practices into business and IT processes, and integrate them with security disciplines.

Delivering Value

Optimize investments in security.
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Business Resilience

Ensure that the organization can operate during attacks and quickly regain full operational status.
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Protect Your Organization’s Data with Azure

Microsoft Cybersecurity Solutions


The Five Disciplines of Cloud Security

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Access Control

Implement a Zero Trust access model to current assets using identity and network controls.

Securing all users, applications, and devices.

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Security Operations

Detect, respond and recover from attacks; look for hidden threats and share information.


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Asset Protection (Applications and Resources)

Protect sensitive systems and data. Continuously discover, classify and protect assets in the cloud.
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Security Governance

Continuously identify, measure and manage your organization’s security to reduce risk and maintain compliance.
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Security Innovations

Integrate security into your DevSecOps processes. Align security, development, and operations practices.
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Why Should You Choose ENCAMINA?

  • ENCAMINA has an ideal combination of DevOps, Azure Iaas/PaaS Engineering, Security, and Consulting​ profiles.
  • Internationally recognized talent (MVPs).​
  • Proven experience​.
  • Premium connection with vendors.
  • A mindset and attitude that always THINKS IN COLORS.
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