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Effective Artificial Intelligence applications in your business processes

Azure PaaS solutions based on Cognitive Services and Machine Learning for the Transformation, Productivity, and Innovation in your company

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Cognitive Services Solutions Within Business Applications

Azure AI‘s pre-built APIs and services* allow ENCAMINA to embed within business applications automation, classification, and decision fragments, as well as alerts and user support, in order to make business processes more efficient, agile and accurate.


How Do We Apply Artificial Intelligence?


We take advantage of the image processing algorithms available in Azure PaaS to, in an intelligent way, identify, moderate, and add information to product images or sales and customer interaction scenarios, security, inspection, quality, etc.


When converting voice into text with the APIs available in Azure PaaS, we can check or add speaker recognition in contact center applications, sound files, messaging apps, and so on.


Cognitive Knowledge Service allows us to create complex information maps and data to solve diverse tasks, such as intelligent recommendations or semantic search.


We can embed Bing Search APIs into applications and leverage the ability to search billions of websites, images, videos, or news with a single API call.


We make applications process natural language with pre-compiled scripts, evaluate feelings, and learn to recognize what clients and users want.

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Machine Learning Solutions to Achieve Intelligent Applications

ENCAMINA takes full advantage of Machine Learning capabilities to add intelligence (detection, classification, prediction, decision, etc.) to business applications or processes. It uses data and previous experiences and learns from them and acts without having programmed the answer in a specific way
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Use Cases:

  • Fraud Detection Scenarios
  • Anticipating issues or failure
  • Customer churn
  • Custom price calculation
  • Optimum time/amount
  • Customer or candidate scoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Optimal power supply
  • Etc.

How Can Machine Learning Help Me?

La velocidad

Increased human capacity

La velocidad

Greater speed

La eficacia

More efficiency

Ayuda a las empresas a llegar más lejos

It helps companies go further

Our AI Tools for Building Environments and Solutions

Azure ML Package for Computer Vision


Azure ML Package for Forecasting

Azure ML Package for Text Analytics


FPGA acceleration

Azure Machine Learning Studio

Data Science Virtual Machine

Azure Machine Learning Workbench

Visual Studio Code Tools for AI



Azure Databricks

A fast, easy, and collaborative Apache Spark-based analytics platform

ENCAMINA uses Azure Databricks to accelerate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data solutions.

This is a fast, easy, and collaborative analysis service based on Apache Spark, which allow us to automatically scale in a quick and simple manner.

Azure Databricks enables data scientists, data engineers and business analysts to collaborate on shared projects in an interactive workspace.

This interactive workspace works with:

  • Python
  • Scala
  • R
  • SQL

As well as:

  • Deep Learning Frameworks
  • Libraries such as TensorFlow, Pytorch and Scikit-learn
Native integration with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and other Azure services allows us to quickly build a modern Data Warehouse, as well as Machine Learning and real-time analysis solutions.

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