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Governance Planning in Microsoft 365

Effective Governance of Your Information Systems

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What is a Governance Plan?

A governance plan is based on the orientation and discovery of the different control and security options of Microsoft 365 together with the corresponding company departments.
Also, the governance plan establishes configuration guidelines that adjust the ideal balance of security and productivity, aligning with business needs. ​

What Will ENCAMINA Offer You?

1. Governance decision-making workshops on the different services of your organization:

(M365 Envisioning/ SharePoint Online and OneDrive/ Microsoft Teams/ Systems Management and Exchange Online/ Security and Compliance Envisioning).

2. Generation of the decision-making document and its review by the client until its validation:

This document collects the governance decisions taken in the previous phase for subsequent review and will be the basis of the Governance Document.

3. Generation of the Governance Plan:

From the information gathered in the previous point, issues such as the general vision, steps to achieve an effective Governance, systems management, users and licenses, roles and responsibilities, etc., are addressed.

4. Task Implementation Plan for the Governance Plan:

This process facilitates future task tracking. The Governance Plan does not include the implementation of these tasks, as they are unknown until the plan is implemented.

5. Consulting and development sessions:

Consulting and development sessions for the implementation of the priorities identified throughout the process.



6. Security and Compliance POC:

ENCAMINA recommends running a PoC for each security and compliance service to be implemented.



7. Adoption training and support:

The project will end with a session to explain the agreed governance plan to the administrators and show them how to start adopting it. ENCAMINA may also provide follow-up to the admin team.


Steps to Effective Governance:

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  • Understand the need for Governance.
  • Form teams and define responsibilities.
  • Understand how M365 should be used.
  • Define guideline​s.
  • Provide a practical implementation guide.
  • Implement and monitor compliance with policies.
  • Train and/or report relevant updates to the staff in charge.
  • Iterate until all applications are completed.

Keys to M365 Governance Success

Protect against security threats and ensure policy compliance.
Simplify implementation.
Reduce TCO and maximize ROI​.
Align and achieve business objectives.
Avoid performance and scalability surprises.
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A Good Governance Plan...

Holds meetings to determine which Microsoft 365 services to govern.
Establishes the appropriate governance of the platform, defining roles and responsibilities.​
Sets governance principles.
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Defines standards and guidelines, policies, and procedures.
Sets the operating model.
Guides implementation through technical controls, communications, and role-based training and monitoring.

Why Should You Choose ENCAMINA?

  • ENCAMINA has an ideal combination of DevOps, Azure Iaas/PaaS Engineering, Security, and Consulting​ profiles.
  • Internationally recognized talent (MVPs).​
  • Proven experience​.
  • Premium connection with vendors.
  • A mindset and attitude that always THINKS IN COLORS.
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