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GADA-i: Artificial Intelligence in your Digital Document Management

An intelligent classification service for your files

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What is GADA-i?

GADA-i is a product consisting of a set of Azure cloud services that help classify, archive, and recover files and documents automatically, thanks to Azure’s artificial intelligence.

It has an intelligent search engine that allows you to swiftly search and find documents by any of their contents, making them available whenever you need them.

GADA-i is integrated with current storage and management systems (Salesforce, SAP, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, FileNet, etc.), being able to download from these systems documents without active collaboration or that are less used but can be recovered quickly and securely.

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Integrated with all your systems

GADA-i integrates with your current storage systems (Salesforce, SAP, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, FileNet, etc.) so that you can upload your least used documents to these systems and recover them quickly and securely.

There are two ways to use GADA-i

  • A repository has been connected to GADA-i and users interact with the corporate repository they are used to working with.
  • This repository has now expanded its archiving capabilities thanks to being connected to GADA-i.
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  • GADA-i integrates with your current storage systems (Salesforce, SAP, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, FileNet, etc.) so that you can upload your least used documents to these systems and recover them quickly and securely.
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Want to Manage Your SAP Files on Azure?

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Scalable and Cost-Effective Document Management


Document Lifecycle Management

GADA-i provides you with a system to help you automatically manage the lifecycle of your documents (saved, archived, and deleted) using Microsoft Azure technology.​


An Alternative to Traditional Document Storage

GADA-i offers you a storage alternative to SharePoint (or your corporate document repository) for documents that need to be archived but remain accessible at any time, such as insurance records, mortgages, invoices, etc.


Reduce Costs and Free up Space on Your Systems

As GADA-i connects to existing systems, we can free up space and reduce costs.


Enforce File Security

All under the security paradigm of Microsoft.

How Can You Free Up Space in SharePoint?

GADA-i Adapts to Multiple Scenarios


Efficient and unlimited document management of your files

A large number of documents and files stored in your document management system can cause the platform to be unstable and have performance issues.


Document archiving with automated security policies and rules

GADA-i implements the document lifecycle in Azure and allows you to apply specific business rules to archive documents and thus save storage costs.


Making knowledge accessible in a structured way

We have both digital and paper documents and we need them to contribute knowledge to the company. To do this, we efficiently classify the information so that you can search by content.


Acceleration and automation of forms associated with documents

We can train AI to recognize these documents, extract the information and save it in a database.


Saving on unnecessary Document Managers

It makes no sense to pay expensive storage licenses for documents that can naturally be stored in Azure.

What Does ENCAMINA Offer You?

Deploy and Connect GADA-i

Deploy and connect GADA-i to your document management system or to the corporate repository (API integration with existing systems) to save documents in Azure.


Develop and Expose

Develop and expose GADA-i’s front/file viewer to enable direct user interaction through a web application. This way, files can be recovered with a quick search using Azure services.


Optionally We Can Also:

  • Customize the front/file viewer.
  • Develop customized AI skills.
  • Migrate and upload existing files.

Want to know more about GADA-i?

Manage All Types of Files

Types of files EN
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Arquitectura Software Cloud

100% Cloud-Based Software Architecture

  • Any system can connect to GADA (via REST) to operate with the file.
  • AI algorithms analyze and classify the document.
  • The GADA API verifies that the invoking system has permission, using an OAuth2 token.
  • In addition, GADA enables storage in a high-capacity, high-availability, and high-performance system.
  • The sum of the information provided in the call, together with the information provided by the algorithms, feeds the metadatabase associated with the document.

Multisectoral Implementation + AI Interface Applied to…

Classification, profiling, and generation of warnings from the document using an analysis based on Machine Learning/Cognitive Services


Connected to any application with document management needs

Archiving of documents that receive few or no updates

Data indexing for searches

AZURE at the Service of Your Documents With GADA-i


Cost Reduction

Reduction of storage and licensing costs of traditional Document Managers


Security Policies and Rules

Automatic application of policies and security rules.


Traceability and Control

Traceability and file access control


Effective Archiving

Improved efficiency by automating file archiving and classification


Automatic Sorting

Highly efficient searches thanks to the inclusion of AI algorithms in automatic sorting


AutoRecover System

Resilient AutoRecover system for saving files in the event of any disaster


API Integration

API integration/connection to any application with document management needs


Automated Lifecycle

Helps to automatically manage the entire lifecycle of files based on customizable rules


Infinite Scalability

Its geo-distributed structure provides immediate availability and high scalability

No Storage Limit

Virtually no storage limit, as it uses Azure’s auto-scaling feature

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Tecnologias de ultima frontera

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