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Success Stories

For 20 years we have shared our way of being and thinking in COLORS with hundreds of clients. Here are some examples of our attitude, our talent and our work helping other companies in their Smart Transformation

Reale sehuros potencia su infraestructura de datos con la Inteligencia Artificial de Azure y de la mano de  ENCAMINA

APS Health Puerto Rico accelerates its digitization with TeamsChamp

APS HEALTH Puerto Rico has accelerated its digital transformation with the implementation of gamification and corporate systems such as TeamsChamp, in a sector of high social value. Thanks to this project led by ENCAMINA, the result has been a 42% increase in the agility of response and solution time to the health problems raised by citizens.

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Reale sehuros potencia su infraestructura de datos con la Inteligencia Artificial de Azure y de la mano de  ENCAMINA

Reale Group powers its data infrastructure with Azure AI

REALE, leading insurance company in the Spanish market, is applying Machine Learning models that allow it to improve its business processes and that have a positive impact on its clients. Hand in hand with ENCAMINA, and cloud solutions such as Azure Databricks, the company has improved its efficiency in the use of data.

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Santillana se apoya en la gamificación de TeamsChamp para su proceso de Transformación digital

Santillana relies on TeamsChamp to speed up its Teams adoption process

Santillana, leader in the education sector worldwide, needed speed in the adoption of Teams. Gamification with TeamsChamp has been the key to achieving this in record time, going from having less than 5% of its employees using Teams, to be used daily by 70% of them, more than 5,000 users worldwide, including the company’s senior management.

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La Transformación Digital del Grupo Cortefiel, ahora Tendam

The Port of València places its documentary Historical Archive at the service of all citizens

ENCAMINA has created PUBLICARME, an AI platform that allows access to more than 11,000 historical documents of the Valencia Port Authority, through Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search and GADA-i.

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Aprendizaje inteligente y colaborativo en Grupo Planeta

Intelligent and collaborative learning in Grupo Planeta

ENCAMINA, as a great Teams specialist, have developed the integration of aulaPlaneta (Grupo Planeta’s education area) into Teams.

With this integration, a system for intelligent and collaborative learning has been achieved, which includes, in a single environment, the didactic resources and digital tools that teachers and students need.

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ENCAMINA participa con IA en la transformación digital de Gonvarri

ENCAMINA participates with IA in the digital transformation of Gonvarri

ENCAMINA has taken Microsoft Artificial Intelligence to Gonvarri, a leading company in the steel, automotive and renewable energy sector, with the application of different technologies based on Voice Bots.

The objective has been to democratize access to information, making it more operational and effective, while promoting the competitive advantages of the company in a specialized and globalized market.

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Microsoft Teams como palanca de la Transformación Digital en Grupo Cosentino

Microsoft Teams drives the Digital Transformation in Cosentino

In this video you will see how Microsoft Teams has transformed the collaboration and communication of the entire Cosentino Group team with ENCAMINA as a technology partner.

When you see it, you will see how Teams and TeamsChamp will also transform your organization.

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IKEA personaliza la experiencia de sus clientes con Azure Databricks

IKEA personalizes the experience of its clients with Azure DataBricks

ENCAMINA has developed an ambitious data science project for IKEA, based on Microsoft Azure Databricks, which aims to advance the hyper-personalization of the experience provided to each client.

In this way, IKEA manages to accelerate the implementation of actions, while minimizing the use of resources and costs.

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Power BI: Inteligencia de negocio, flexibilidad e innovación en UNIR

Power BI: Business intelligence, flexibility and innovation at UNIR

The implementation of Power BI at a financial level has meant for the International University of La Rioja (UNIR) that the different departments and business users of the entire company, consult, adjust and develop their own reports dynamically, anywhere, to any time and through any device.

All this allows UNIR to manage reports more quickly and efficiently.

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Integración de Dynamics 365 y Alexa: Plataforma multicanal para el alumno del CEU

Integration of Dynamics 365 and Alexa: multichannel platform for the CEU student

How to integrate Alexa with the systems of the Cardenal-Herrera CEU University to obtain a much more complete communication with the students?

ENCAMINA made it possible, and our team tells you how in this video.

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La Transformación Digital del Grupo Cortefiel, ahora Tendam

The digital transformation of the Cortefiel Group, now Tendam

The renewal of the Cortefiel Group at TENDAM also involved a shift in internal communication with its employees.It was time to have a modern, close, functional and dynamic intranet as an essential part of the change.

The choice was SharePoint Online and Office 365 as driving forces for change, and ENCAMINA as a partner to accompany them in this process of change.

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Research institute

Office 365: Digital Transformation of Internal Processes in a Health Research Institute

The Medial Research Institute Hospital La Fe (IIS La Fe) is a non-profit organization that manages research and the scientific policy at La Fe Hospital in Valencia. Its objectives include fostering, promoting and enhancing scientific and technological research, teaching and training.

Composed of 20 Research Groups and multiple areas in constant growth, the Medical Research Institute initiated a Digital Transformation process with the help of ENCAMINA. The solution chosen to manage change effectively was Office 365.

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Alumno Digital: Dynamics 365 y la gestión 360º del alumno en Universidades Cardenal Herrera CEU

Digital Student: Dynamics 365 and 360º student management at Cardenal Herrera CEU University

The management of the student’s digital experience at the Cardenal Herrera CEU University, as well as the 360º vision that the CEU has of their students, is possible thanks to Dynamics 365.

In this success story we tell how ENCAMINA and CEU have worked together so that the approach to the student goes far beyond a mere commercial acquisition.

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The pillars of the Digital Transformation in Royo Group

The pillars of the Digital Transformation in Royo Group

Royo Group faces its Digital Transformation by following the “best practices” that a process of these characteristics requires.

ENCAMINA has accompanied them in this process of reflection, providing the necessary tools to take on the challenge from the practice, and helping them to take full advantage of Office 365 as a new engine of collaboration and teamwork.

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Dynamics365 and ENCAMINA: Applying CRM Strategies in Companies

Dynamics365 and ENCAMINA: Applying CRM Strategies in Companies

At ENCAMINA, the collaborative work between the Marketing, Commercial, Administration, and Customer Service departments is carried out through Dynamics 365 when interacting with clients, managing sales and marketing operations, making decisions, etc.

For this reason and after many years of using Dynamics 365 as corporate CRM, from ENCAMINA we want to share with other companies how the platform allows us to have a 360-degree view of the client, sales, and business.

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CEU bot

CEU Cardenal Herrera University: Artificial Intelligence at the Service of the University

With over 6,000 grad students and 3,000 postgraduate students, CEU Cardenal Herrera University has become one of the most prestigious private universities in Spain.

Due to its continuing concern about being on the cutting edge of educational innovation, the CEU Cardenal Herrera University has established as a priority improving communication with its students, on and off-campus. That, together with an ambitious internationalization plan, has finally convinced the university to choose a “bot” as the perfect tool to improve communication with its students and to revolutionize their educational centers.


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Florida Universitaria

Interconnected SharePoint and Dynamics 365 to Manage Leads

Florida Universitaria is a college education center annexed to the Valencian public universities, that is part of a cooperative group born in 1977 and that houses almost any level of education from nursery school, approximately 4000 students and around 4000 professionals.

That is why Florida Universitaria decided to implement, with the help of ENCAMINA, a CRM that would enable them to improve their relationship with students and customers.


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Research institute

AZURE: Improving Productivity. The School in the Cloud

Brains International Schools is a group of private and intercultural bilingual schools. Its educational offer, which ranges from Nursery School up to the final year of High School, is distributed across five centers located between Madrid and the Canary Islands thanks to a team of over 500 workers and nearly 4,000 students.

This diversity and the powerful administrative burden of financial, academic and labor departments, together with a somewhat oversized traditional infrastructure (on local servers), made them look for a new strategy with the help of ENCAMINA.

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Research institute

AZURE: “Rétame y Aprendo” at the Technical University of Cartagena

At the Technical University of Cartagena, they are passionate about technology. That passion, together with their constant search to find tools with which to encourage teachers and students to get the most out of their classes, made them bet on gamification applied to education.

This is how “Rétame y Aprendo” emerged, an interactive trivia contest designed to help young people learn while playing with their cell phones. It is developed on the UPCTPlay app, a platform developed technologically by the Technical University of Cartagena with the collaboration of ENCAMINA and Microsoft.

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Research institute

Yammer for Communication, Knowledge, and Activation of Equipment

SPB is a Valencian company dedicated to the design, innovation, and manufacture of household cleaning, personal care and pharmaceuticals products, committed to the environment and its employees.

For this project, we have helped them implement the corporate social network Yammer and we have guided them in their first steps, turning Yammer into one of their main SPB communication channels and solving the communication obstacles that until then existed in the company.

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Hospital La Fe

Pushing Ahead the Decision-Making Process at the Hospital La Fe

The Hospital Universitari i Politècnic La Fe is a highly active referral hospital employing more than 7000 professionals. Given the size and volume of its data, the Hospital Universitari I Politècnic La Fe needed to provide accurate information on the situation of different areas and facilities at the hospital to those responsible so they could analyze it and make decisions.

All this was articulated thanks to a solution based on SharePoint, adapted to the corporate image of LA FE and that provided centralized access to PowerPivot books.

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Success story San Lucar

Cloud & Mobility for the Quality Control at SanLucar Fruits

SanLucar Fruit is a German multinational specialized in the production and commercialization of fresh fruit and vegetables. It currently has over 2,000 employees distributed among the 35 countries where it is present and has offices, headquarters and production areas.

Taking into account these needs and the potential for improving the productivity of quality technicians, ENCAMINA developed a mobile application (app) for IOS, deployable and supported by both iPhone and IPad, to allow the entire quality control process to be carried out at the different points in which it is undertaken, from the harvest to the arrival of the fruit to the final customer.

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SharePoint and Dynamics 365: Interaction with FEMEVAL Partners

FEMEVAL (Valencian Employer’s Federation of the Metal Sector) is an independent and non-profit business organization that represents and brings together both industry and trade companies and service companies in the metal-mechanic sector in the province of Valencia.

With the aim of facilitating and enhancing multi-channel partner interaction and the service level towards the associate, as well as opening up to a new 2.0 era of communication, multimedia content and digital marketing, FEMEVAL takes on this project with the help of ENCAMINA.

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SharePoint in Azure’s Hybrid Cloud for CompartiMOSS

SharePoint in Azure’s Hybrid Cloud for CompartiMOSS online magazine

CompartiMOSS is a quarterly magazine with information on SharePoint, in which prominent members of the Hispanic developers’ community can share and exchange specialized knowledge on SharePoint.

In this project, we have provided them with our services to help them support and migrate their web portal based on SharePoint, to a scalable, secure and highly reliable cloud, based on Azure.

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Ribera Salud

SharePoint as an Operational Intranet for the Ribera Salud Group Hospitals

The Vinalopó and Torrevieja Hospitals needed for their launch an internal portal perfectly adapted to their corporate image and where they could centralize information, providing tools and mechanisms to maximize internal communication and collaboration between different departments and employees.

Microsoft SharePoint was the platform that ENCAMINA chose to implement in this project, where an internal collaboration and communication portal was created, which centralized access to documentation and information from the different departments and also served as a platform for internal process management.

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.Net Technology for the Automation of Processes at Valencia Port

.Net Technology for the Automation of Processes at Valencia Port

Port Community System is a software and service platform that allows the management of Valencia Port, the first container port in the Mediterranean. The system architecture is based on Microsoft technology, with a strong BPM component and data messaging, and its achievement is the efficiency of the Valencia Port ecosystem.

ENCAMINA has successfully participated both in the analysis of the best user experience (UX) and the design of its graphical interfaces, as well as in the construction of functional modules and complementary systems based on .Net architectures.

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SharePoint and Nintex Workflow at Sagunto City Council

SharePoint and Nintex Workflow for User Services at Sagunto City Council

SMIC is the Municipal Computer and Communications Service of the Sagunto City Council.  It has about 35 buildings scattered throughout the territory and supports more than 400 workers. The SMIC needed to find a solution for its CAU (Customer Service Center), which would allow them to control and manage the incidents that came from the different departments and users and that thus far had been an absolute chaos.

For this project, we have helped them solve their problems managing and attending incidences, through a fusion of two key solutions: SharePoint and NINTEX Workflow.

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