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Microsoft 365 Adoption

Take a step forward to Microsoft collaboration and productivity suite with ENCAMINA

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What is an Adoption Plan?

It is about being able to change the way people work, towards a more collaborative and communicative Modern TeamWork, to improve these strategic objectives. It is essential for this change to happen:

1. To detect the specific needs of each work team. For example: the need to be more efficient in communication, to be more agile in task management, to establish an effective procedure for document collaboration, etc.

2.  Relying on technology to improve the performance or scenarios.

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Adoption Process Phases

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1: Analysis

Definition of the Adoption Plan strategy:

– One or two initial sessions with staff and IT management to define the use cases and productivity scenarios to be covered during the adoption process.

– Definition of the Communication Plan to be delivered to the entire company.

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2: Execution

Implementation of the Adoption Plan:

– Delivery of training Workshops, interactive sessions, and webinars/live events.

Microsoft Learning Pathway will be implemented to facilitate user learning process.

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3: Reinforcement

The Champions team is accompanied to support and consolidate the knowledge within the company:

– We collaborate with Champions to provide support, offer tips and use cases seen during the workshops.

– Possibility of implementing gamification tools to accelerate the adoption process and reinforce the commitment to what has been learned.

Direct benefits for the organization

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Agile and effective communication between users (chat, post wall, fewer emails).

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Greater and more productive collaboration (single cloud location, remote access, co-authoring).

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Better information management (shared notes, task management).

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Mobility (mobile phone/tablet, iOS/Android).

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Indirect Benefits

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Employee satisfaction

  • Empowerment
  • Well-being

Attractive workplace

  • Talent attraction
  • Remote work

Process improvement

  • Platform for processes
  • Custom Apps

Join the change with Microsoft collaboration and productivity suite and ENCAMINA


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Typical actions of a Microsoft 365 Adoption Project

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  • Identify sponsors
  • Define a plan: scenarios – priorities, pilot, iterations, responsibles / roles
  • Various workshops on Microsoft 365 different solutions: vision, roadmap, business scenarios, use cases, utilities, etc.
  • Training sessions for end-users and trainers
  • Selection of suitable materials from the Microsoft knowledge base
  • Creation of an Adoption site on your online SharePoint
  • Creation of custom video-pills of specific use cases of your company
  • Support for shared Yammer groups
  • First and second level hotline support service
  • Trials & PoCs
  • Assistance in the designing and implementations of the internal Communication Plan
  • Measuring results

Achievements of an Efficient Microsoft 365 Adoption

Work from anywhere

With Oce 365 on all your devices you can unleash your creativity with total security, letting yourself be carried away by inspiration anytime, anywhere

Use your email and calendar on the go

Thanks to Outlook Groups teams can now collaborate using all mail capabilities without fear of overloading their inbox (tasks, calendars, contacts…)

Support decision making

With PowerBI you have the ultimate data analysis tool to support you in the decision-making process

Organize effective meetings

Skype and Teams make holding meetings easier wherever you are, from multiple devices. HD video, screen sharing, real-time note taking… everything you need to improve productivity


Improve internal communication

Yammer helps your organization listen, adapt, and grow. It brings new ways of conducting business and allows the team to learn, share and be heard​

Automate the flow of information

Using Microsoft Flow you will be able to automate the flow of information between different tools inside and outside the O365 ecosystem


Create powerful forms and applications

PowerApps opens a range of agile application development with forms capable of connecting the data flow with O365 thanks to Flow

Encourage teamwork

With the advent of Teams you can now unify contents, calendars, dashboards, task management, communication and notification walls

Plan teamwork

Planner allows you to manage the tasks of a work team from a simple interface

I already have Microsoft 365… what now?

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Improve the use and adoption of information systems of all of your organization through gamification with us

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Identify which skills all of your employees excel at through the collective knowledge of all your the team
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Identify the best influencers and champions within your organization in a non-intrusive way and only by using Microsoft 365 applications

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Identify the status of Digital Transformation and Microsoft 365 Adoption of your company with Power BI

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We are experts in change management


ENCAMINA is certified in the PROSCI change management methodology, a methodology that allows us to be experts in, among other things:

  • Understanding exactly how Change Management improves the organization’s results.
  • Applying research-based Change management methodologies and tools to any future situation.
  • Fluency in the fundamentals of Change and Change Management.
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Why choose ENCAMINA?

  • A perfect combination of DevOps, Azure Iaas/PaaS Engineering, Security and Consulting profiles.
  • Internationally recognized talent (MVPs)
  • Proven experience
  • Premium connection with the vendor
  • A mindset and attitude that is always THINKING IN COLORS
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