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Productivity solutions for the Education sector

For educational institutions that need to manage their relationship with the new digital student, innovate and be more productive. ENCAMINA offers specific solutions to their Smart Transformation needs

CRM educación cabecera

CRM Management of the Potential Student

  • Respond to the requests for information
  • Facilitate its recruitment as a student
  • Automate and make more efficient and effective the entire student recruitment funnel process
  • Offer a dazzling experience from the very first multichannel contact between the potential student and the school, university or business school


CRM Management of the Alumni

  • To support an excellent student experience throughout the entire lifecycle of the students, from when they start studying at your education institution to the subsequent relationship as alumni

Marketing Automation and Multichannel Integration for student recruitment

  • Discover who is interested in your masters, courses and careers
  • Prioritize opportunities
  • Integrate and automate the postings on your website, contact forms, online chats, first-level service bots, social networks, mobile applications, etc.
  • Follow up and automation of student recruitment campaigns
  • Send potential students through different flow paths according to whether or not they have interacted with your emails

Social Engagement solution

  • Apply social listening techniques to find out everything the students say about your organization on the main social networks, blogs, news, etc.
  • Set rules to customize your search and discover only what interests you
  • Connect with the community of students, alumni, administrative and service personnel and teaching and research staff through social media

REVISE Digital for exam review

  • Collaborative system that facilitates correcting and reviewing examinations digitally on laptops and tablets
  • It connects teachers, parents and students in an agile and orderly way
  • Improves productivity by eliminating the need for paper and assistance to the center
  • With utmost confidentiality
  • Office 365 and Azure supported security


  • A virtual assistant for students and teachers
  • Single channel to request information and resolve incidents
  • Integrable with all the systems of your educational institution (Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure PaaS…)
  • Uses the same applications as your students: web, Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger…

HPC Calculation Engine for Research Departments

  • Accelerates innovation and research at universities and research centers
  • Does complex calculations at high speed
  • Quickly processes massive amount of data
  • Answers complex questions
  • Integrates data sources and calculation results

At ENCAMINA we work in full partnership with Microsoft Education Spain

Business Intelligence

  • Campus 4.0 design and construction with sensorization, capture and storage through Azure IoT suite, BigData analysis and Machine Learning
  • Implementation of based on PowerBI panels

Smart Processes and Collaboration

  • Deployment of Office 365 services and integration of users through the LDAP (with shibboleth) of the entity, whether students, administrative and service personnel or teaching and research staff
  • Intranet of the educational institution (based on SharePoint Online and OneDrive) to manage documentation and collaborate with departments, schools and services
  • BPM solutions (based on K2) to manage Quality, HR, filling and procurement processes

Cloud Architectures and Advanced Software

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