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Azure Smart Data Lake: The Principle of Any Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Project

Build and keep in sync a centralized repository with all the data you’ll need to get value from the technology you later decide to use

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que es azure smart datalake

What is Azure Smart Data Lake?

Azure Smart Data Lake is the ideal way to incorporate (or reincorporate) a consolidated data repository into your company to perform Big Data analysis and apply Artificial Intelligence with quality data, synchronized and governed at all times.

Based on Azure Data Services and fully managed in the cloud by Microsoft.

que es azure smart datalake

How Can Azure Smart Data Lake Help You in Your Organization?

Data consolidation

It consolidates data in a single centralized repository.

Flow automation

Azure Smart Data Lake automates flows so that data scientists can work with confidence and without having to intervene in the data synchronization process.

Data and flow monitoring

It keeps data and its flows monitored at all times.

Universal classification

Azure Smart Data Lake keeps data universally cataloged so that it can be consulted by users and applications.

Access control

It allows controlled access to Data Lake data in order to explore before analyzing.

Modern environment

It lays the foundation for providing a modern Data Warehouse environment.

Broad Objectives of Our Smart Data Lake (SDL) Service

datos end to end 1

End-to-End Data

Implement an end-to-end Data Lake (point-to-point)

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Use of AI

Prepare the necessary environment to perform data analysis and apply Artificial Intelligence with confidence

aprovechar las ventajas de azure

Get the most out of Azure

Reduce the risks of such projects while taking advantage of the benefits of Azure’s services specially designed for this purpose

Specific Objectives of Our Project Plan


Enable collaboration using a single working environment for all analysts

Data lifecycle

Monitor the data model lifecycle



Enable management of users, roles and permissions, defining how data is accessed, how they will be shared, etc.

Data integration design

Allow integration with multiple data sources

Monitoring and management

Monitor and manage workflows and analyze their behavior

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For which type of companies is Azure Smart Data Lake for?

  • Large and medium-sized companies and organizations that are already addressing, or are about to address, Big Data Solutions, and want to simplify, make more flexible and streamline all the necessary infrastructure/architecture of systems and data.
  • Companies with Big Data development that are experiencing problems with data quality and freshness.
a quien va dirigido

For which professionals is Azure Smart Data Lake targeted for?

Business Benefits | Collaboration and Security

data scientist

Data Scientists

  • They can stop worrying about data management
  • Azure Smart Data Lake ensures that the data they use in their calculations is of quality and up to date
  • Data is cataloged in such a way that they can know at all times the existing information in the Data Lake to enrich their models.
data engineer 1

Data Engineers

  • No need to worry about managing clusters
  • Easier to program data streams
  • Automated workflows
  • Data flow monitoring
  • Automatic alerts and log acess 
  • Democratization of clusters
cdp vp of analytics 3

CDPs, VPs of Analytics

  • Fast and collaborative platform, accelerating the Time to Market
  • No need for DevOps
  • Self-managed security
y luego que

And then what?

y luego que


Personalized adoption project

The use of SDL as a consolidated data repository makes it often advisable to have a personalized project for adoption, roll-out, platform configuration, custom developments, connections to new data sources, and so on. 


Growing profits and ROI

Once you begin to obtain the platform’s ROI with proposals such as the present one, it is convenient to analyze how to continue growing profits and ROI from this whole new Digital Transformation paradigm.

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