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Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Serving Businesses, Processes, and People

Discover the power of AI to transform your workspace

Descubre como la AI puede revolucionar tu espacio


Transforming the Workplace Experience with Artificial Intelligence

At ENCAMINA Consulting, we facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence for medium and large organizations, aiming to transform employee experience and job roles through augmented talent, capable of maximizing the cutting-edge solutions we offer as Microsoft partners.

These solutions focus on increasing employees’ skills, productivity, and experience, aligning them with the global human resources strategy.


Our mission is to facilitate the engagement and productivity of employees through the use of artificial intelligence.

Elevate Your Team's Potential with Microsoft AI

Eleva el potencial de tu equipo con IA de Microsoft

Increase the potential of your team with Microsoft AI.

Augmented Talent through Artificial Intelligence

We help medium and large organizations adopt and integrate Microsoft’s revolutionary technology to improve employee skills and productivity into their human resources strategy.

Leverage Microsoft Copilot - Bing Enterprise

We focus on integrating Microsoft Copilot in a way that accelerates employee decision-making, improves access to information, and increases your team’s productivity.


Get Ready for Copilot

Prepare your organization and teams to use Copilot in a variety of areas, from security and information governance to leveraging licenses and information architecture.

How to Adopt Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot supports your employees in their daily tasks, improving their efficiency and accuracy. At ENCAMINA, we guide you through every step of integrating this technology into your environment, ensuring a strategic, smooth and effective adoption.

Maximize the Potential of your talent with AI

At ENCAMINA Consulting, we transform the work experience through technology, improving employee engagement, productivity and well-being.
Our human resources vision is to make Artificial Intelligence an engine of positive change in your company.

Adopcion de tecnologias de IA para empleados

Adoption of AI technologies for employees and HR

  • At ENCAMINA Consulting, we facilitate the integration of advanced Artificial Intelligence solutions in the field of Human Resources.
  • Our specialty is the implementation of Microsoft technologies to improve the skills and productivity of employees, in line with the overall strategy of the department.
Adopcion de tecnologias de IA para empleados
Optimizacion de la experiencia y producividad del empleado en entornos hibridos

Improving Employee Experience and Productivity in Hybrid Environments

  • We focus on improving employee experience and productivity, especially in hybrid work environments. We use tools such as Viva Engage, Viva Insights, Viva Learning and Viva Connections to foster a more collaborative and productive work environment.
  • Our approach ensures that technology is not just a tool, but a key enabler of employee engagement, well-being, and efficiency, leading to a more inclusive and productive work culture.
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Employee digital transformation driven by artificial intelligence

  • We guide companies through their digital transformation journey from an HR perspective.
  • Our process ranges from the initial discovery of AI use cases applied to HR to full implementation, including the design of a customized transformation plan and the definition of key metrics.
  • Our goal is to unlock the full potential of technology to reach the best version of the employee, optimize processes and strengthen the organization.
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Our path to successful digital transformation

Our methodology combines AI with strategies to transform your business


Efficient and Effective Adoption

We ensure a smooth and effective adoption of AI technology, minimizing disruptions and maximizing return on investment.


Business-driven results

Our solutions are designed not only to be innovative, but also to align with and directly contribute to our customers’ business goals and strategies.

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Digital transformation experience

We have extensive experience guiding organizations through the digital transformation process, with a particular focus on people and productivity.


Partnership with Microsoft

As Microsoft partners, we have access to the most advanced technology and exclusive resources that allow us to stay at the forefront of AI innovations.

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Advanced Personalization

We offer customized AI solutions, specifically tailored to the needs and goals of each organization.

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What is our process?

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Custom HR AI Use Case Discovery

We begin the process with an analysis to identify opportunities where AI can have a significant impact on employees and HR. This discovery phase is essential to tailor services to the unique needs of your organization.

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Design and development of an HR transformation plan

We develop a customized digital transformation plan focused on leveraging AI and HR. This plan considers not only the technology adoption, but also the cultural and operational adaptation required for a successful transformation.

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HR metrics definition

We define key metrics and establish specific indicators for HR. This allows us to measure the impact and effectiveness of implemented AI solutions, ensuring accurate tracking of progress and ongoing strategic adjustments.

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Lead the Digital age in Human Resources

Drive Digital Transformation with Artificial Intelligence
Guide your team through the entire organizational transformation process, ensuring that every action takes full advantage of AI’s potential to improve employee performance and strengthen the business.