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Modernize your systems to be interoperable and open to AI by API-enabling with Azure API Management

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ENCAMINA offers an API Governance consulting service

Security and compliance

Establish policies to ensure that APIs comply with relevant security standards and regulations, thus safeguarding company data and systems.

Monitoring and Performance

Include tools and practices for monitoring API usage, identifying performance issues, and ensuring that services meet agreed-upon service levels.

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Strategy and Planning

Facilitate the alignment of API strategy with the organization’s business objectives, ensuring that API development effectively contributes to digital transformation and business growth.

ENCAMINA offers an APIification Architecture service.


APIs facilitate the integration of on-premise systems with cloud-based solutions, allowing organizations to leverage the best of both worlds without the need to completely replace their existing systems.


By exposing functionalities through APIs, companies can develop and deploy new applications and services more quickly, effectively responding to market demands or changes in the business environment.


APIification opens the door to innovation, allowing organizations to explore new ways of delivering value to their customers through the combination and reuse of existing services.

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Additionally, ENCAMINA offers a Unified Data Architecture service

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Data Access and Analysis

A unified architecture facilitates access to data and its real-time analysis, enabling organizations to make decisions based on up-to-date and accurate information.

 Scalability and Flexibility

By centralizing data management, companies can scale their operations more efficiently and adapt to changing business needs without compromising performance or security.

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Data Integration

This approach promotes the integration of data from various sources, including on-premise systems and cloud applications, creating a holistic and coherent view of business information.

ENCAMINA implements Governance and APIification architecture for your corporate systems using Azure services.

  • Azure App Service: Allows for quick and easy creation of web and mobile applications, supporting multiple programming languages such as .NET, .NET Core, Node.js, Java, Python, or PHP, in containers or running on Windows or Linux.

  • Azure API Management: Provides tools for creating consistent and modern APIs that can be consumed by any application on any device.

  • Azure Logic Apps: Helps automate business workflows and connect applications, data, and services, even if they are outside of Azure.

  • Azure Functions: Enables running code in response to events, making it ideal for microservices and event-driven applications.
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS): Provides a managed environment for deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications with Kubernetes.
  • Azure Container App (ACA): Allows running containerized applications in a serverless manner, with ingress options, instance management, and security considerations in a managed environment.

With these services, ENCAMINA creates, deploys, and achieves the scaling of applications and APIs, meeting performance, security, and regulatory compliance requirements.

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