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Power Platform Governance

Govern the Power Platform in a different, fast and easy way

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What is Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform (PWP)  is a set of services that allow us to quickly develop solutions capable of improving the internal processes of companies. It consists of the following services.

In addition, it includes tools to get started with artificial intelligence using preconfigured models such as form reading, image recognition, sentiment analysis, etc.

It consists of the following services:

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Power BI

Business analytics

Business Intelligent tool for data analytics

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Power Apps

Application development

Creation of Low-Code applications by business users or developers.

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Power Automate

Process Automation

Process automation with workflows

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Power Virtual Agents

Intelligent virtual agents

Bots Development or virtual agents capable of holding conversations with users

The Government Plan

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What is governance?

Governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that direct and control how an organisation’s business users, developers, and IT teams cooperate to achieve business goals.

What is the government plan?

The governance plan is based on the work of orientation and discovery of the different possibilities of control and security of Power Platform together with the necessary departments of the company.

The governance plan establishes configuration guidelines that adjust the ideal balance of security and good application development practices in line with business needs. Consolidates policies between the main departments of the company, both between the service management (IT) part and the business areas that use technology (including IT)

Who is the Power Platform government for?

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Business and technical users

Power Platform services are designed for business users (citizen developers) and technical users (pro developers) to improve company processes by using these tools.

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IT departments

IT departments need to monitor the platform to help users in the use of it and the control of errors and even prevent resources that are not necessary from being consumed.

Steps to govern Power Platform effectively


Manage user, roles and licenses

  • Designate and assign the role to Power Platform administrators
  • Manage users, their licenses and plans.
  • Manage the capacity
  • Establish the strategy of creating environments
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Apply security

  • Apply DLP and available connector policies
  • Set Azure AS conditional access 
  • Manage capacity
  • Enable isolation between tenants (sharing Power Platform resources between different tenants)
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Monitor your developments

  • Usage Analysis Report
  • Monitor user access and dataverse usage
  • Monitor and analyse the new connectors
  • Set alerts
  • Use tools available from Microsoft
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What does ENCAMINA offer to you?

  • ENCAMINA offers the ideal service for IT departments that need to govern the Power Platform by understanding the resources used by users and their needs.
  • PWP Governance is a service for defining and monitoring the resources available in Power Platform aimed at IT departments that want to have control over the platform.
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ENCAMINA helps you to govern the Power Platform

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Power Platform envisioning workshops (Introduction)

Introductory sessions to Power Platform services: what they are composed of and what we should use each of the services for.

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Deployment of solutions for inventorying developments on Power Platform

Deployment of a solution package that will allow us to know how many environments we have deployed, the resources used by each environment and the consumption of each of them.

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Platform administration workshops and concepts

An envisioning of existing applications to govern Power Platform is performed and all actions and configurations performed are reviewed.

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Decision-making workshops to denfine actions and configurations

Workshops to decide the actions and the configurations that allow us to govern the platform according to the requirements of the organization.

ENCAMINA's methodology


Envisioning  Workshops (OPTIONAL)​

Solution Deployments

Deployments of solutions to list current developments and presentation of results.


  • Administration Workshop
  • Decision-Making Workshops

Governance Documents

Definition of the governance documents with information, best practices and decisions taken.

Group maximum of 10 people

Project management / Minimum duration = 3 weeks

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Project deliverables

  • Document the Government Plan and the recommendations to begin executing the plan.
  • Document with the Decision Making agreed during the project.
  • The sessions can be recorded to be available to the company users who require them.
  • Solutions inventory of developments made by users.
  • Solution for monitoring the developments (optional).
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Why Choose Power Platform Governance

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Power Platform control and security

By establishing the policies and proper governance of the platform, we will be keeping our information secure without restricting its use to users.

Get the knowledge

The workshops help us understand how the platform works and know its components. We will know the implications of our actions in government.


Boost the Power Platform management

The deployed packages and the dashboards of the environment will help us to have a broader vision of the use that the organization is giving to the platform. In addition, they will help us manage some points.

Benefits of implementing the Power Platform Governance


Empowers business users to improve their processes, making developments with the platform without the IT department losing control over them, nor the visibility of what users are doing.


Get the knowledge of the Microsoft solution to make decisions and know the implications of each of them.


Security of the use given to the platform respecting the organisation’s policies.


Management of the developments made with the deployment of the described solutions that help us monitor the developments and manage those left in disuse to keep the environments clean and organised.

Do you want to adopt the Power Platform in your company?


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Why choose ENCAMINA?

  • An ideal combination of DevOps, Azure Iaas/PaaS Engineering, Security and Consulting profiles.
  • Internationally recognized talent (MVPs)
  • Proven expertise
  • Premium connection with the vendor
  • A mindset and attitude that always THINKS IN COLORS
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Want to know more about Power Platform governance?