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Power Platform Adoption Methodology

Make the leap in Microsoft’s Low-Code development with the ENCAMINA methodology​

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What is Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform (PWP)  is a set of services that allow us to quickly develop solutions capable of improving the internal processes of companies. It consists of the following services.

In addition, it includes tools to get started with artificial intelligence using preconfigured models such as form reading, image recognition, sentiment analysis, etc.

It consists of the following services:

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Power BI

Business analytics

Business Intelligent tool for data analytics

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Power Apps

Application development

Creation of Low-Code applications by business users or developers.

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Power Automate

Process Automation

Process automation with workflows

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Power Virtual Agents

Intelligent virtual agents

Bots Development or virtual agents capable of holding conversations with users

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Who is the Power Platform for?

Power Platform services are intended for business users (citizen developers) and technical users (pro developers). The objective is that the company improve their processes thanks to its use.

For the proper use of the Power Platform, these users must adopt the solution by learning to develop on it and using good development practices. We will call these users MAKERS

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What is Power Platform Adoption?

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  • Power Platform Adoption (PWP adoption) is the ideal service for business users (citizen developers) and developers (pro developers) who want to start developing with Power Platform in a different way.
  • PWP Adoption is a service that empowers the development of Low-Code solutions. It is specially designed for IT departments or others who have profiles suitable for the development of solutions.
  • The PWP adoption plan methodology helps to learn and use Power Platform services through practical sessions and exercises, guided by a specialist trainer. The trainer lays the foundations for the creation of Low-Code applications in the company, applying Microsoft technology.
workshops opcionales

Optional workshops (introductory and advanced)

workshops opcionales

Power Apps Model-Driven App Workshops (Advanced and for pro-developers)

The Power Apps Model-Driven workshops show how this type of Power Apps development works to understand the database and how security works.


Power Virtual Agents Workshops (Introduction)

Power Virtual Agents workshops guide how to develop some simple bots capable of conversing with users and performing some simple automation.

Power Automate RPA Workshops (introduction)

Power Automate RPA workshops focus on how to develop a process flow using RPA, where users will be able to see how the robot performs actions on a computer.

ENCAMINA Adoption Methodology

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  • Power Platform Envisioning Workshops
  • Workshops to define the sessions with the Makers​


  • Power Platform Envisioning Workshops
  • Power Automate Workshops
  • Power Apps Canvas Workshops
  • Advanced Workshops (OPTIONAL)
    • Power Apps Model-driven app and/or Power Virtual Agents Workshops (Introduction and Advanced)
    • Power Virtual Agents Workshops (Introduction)
    • Power Automate RPA Workshops (Introduction)


  • Practical exercise with a predefined case to be solved
  • Workshop for solving the practical exercise



Join the change with Microsoft Low-Code development and ENCAMINA’s methodology.


Why choose Power Platform Adoption?

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More Power in solution development

Empower users to improve their processes, with automation and simple application development.

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Practical sessions and exercises

The workshops are theoretical-practical sessions to consolidate knowledge. They include continuous support from the instructor to solve doubts.

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Boost the digital transformation

Empowering users accelerates process improvement, as they themselves design solutions for the business and their daily work.

Benefits of implementing PWP Adoption


It empowers users to improve their processes by making developments with the platform. 


It accelerates the digital transformation and improvement of processes of the organisation with small developments and with short productions that can have a significant impact on the organisation.


Less dependence on classic development or IT departments to advance in the improvement and development of solutions.


It merges users such as IT administrators, pro developers and citizen developers (business users) to more robust solutions and acceleration in implementation.

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Why choose ENCAMINA?

  • An ideal combination of DevOps, Azure Iaas/PaaS Engineering, Security and Consulting profiles.
  • Internationally recognized talent (MVPs)
  • Proven expertise
  • Premium connection with the vendor
  • A mindset and attitude that always THINKS IN COLORS
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Want to know more about Power Platform Adoption?