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The MOST innovative solutions for the MOST intelligent industry

ENCAMINA offers specialized solutions based on Azure and Microsoft 365 to make Industry 4.0 exceptional.

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Cloud for manufacturing

Cloud for Manufacturing 1

Cloud for Industry

Thanks to the extensive experience of ENTRESISTEMAS in sensorization of production environments and processes in real-time, ENCAMINA brings all its know-how in the technological domain with Azure for Manufacturing, offering a specific cloud for Industry 4.0.

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Harness the full potential of the cloud to collect in real-time all the data collected by OPC or any other type of sensor

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Enjoy a simple, scalable and secure connection

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Manage all your data through one centralized location of all your systems in the cloud

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Software architecture for advanced industry

All the management of operations and data obtained by the different industrial systems can be scaled and centralized with the Azure layer, using existing resources such as Big Data or IoT

  • Integration of Azure with existing information collection systems, which allows you to take advantage of all the services offered by Azure Iaas and PaaS
  • Cost optimization thanks to the development and design in Well Architected Framework, unifying all systems into one
  • Reliability, Performance, and Operational Excellence with Software Architectures under Azure for Manufacturing
data Azure

Azure Synapse and DataBricks

Transform and store all your raw data, increasing responsiveness and transformation in the cloud. Collect, centralize and analyze all data collected globally through OPC standards.

Flexibility with Azure allows you to scale all data collection regardless of geography.

data Azure

Software for Industry

Frontline Workers 2

M365 for Plant Operators: Frontline Workers

Now your plant floor workers can be more connected than ever. Microsoft F1 and F3 licenses are designed to empower workers anytime, anywhere, extending communications to any corner of the factory floor:

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Take advantage of applications like Teams, Sharepoint or Yammer, to connect your teams more.

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Quick and easy access to all technical documentation of the machines or digitization of manual processes.

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Encourages employee communication through the use of chats or video calls via Teams.

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Access to all information information securely, avoiding information leaks to external networks.

Thanks to ENCAMINA’s international leadership in adoption processes and extensive experience in the industrial world with ENTRESISTEMAS, we have developed a specific operation for the industrial world, being experts in process adaptation, change management, governance and security.

Industry 4.0

IoT and in-plant data

IoT hub integration between all your information collection systems through a well designed IoT Framework to boost improvements in production, quality or resource optimization:

  • Data capture from all production lines
  • Conversion and integration with business information and intelligence
  • Centralized and specific reporting to each plant manager
  • Development and implementation of the systems that form the Industrial Edge Computing through the configuration of services such as Azure Edge Zone

IA and BigData

The design and implementation of an advanced environment for the collection, analysis and management of all the data generated by the different devices connected to the plant:

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We take advantage of all the raw data generated, store it efficiently and transform it into automated intelligent decisions thanks to Azure Cognitive Services

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We facilitate the automatic detection and prevention of quality problems, stock-outs, efficiency drops or storage problems

Explotación de información

We take advantage of the pre-existing DataWarehouse in the organization to exploit the information in SOs, BSCs or any Business Intelligence analysis

Gemelos digitales

Digital Twins

Thanks to technologies related to Industrial BigData, we make virtual representations that incorporate real-time data, providing a detailed and comprehensive view of a physical asset that may be far away geographically.

  • Enables advances as a predictive tool
  • Ease of management and maintenance and cost optimization
  • Improves energy efficiency, quality and savings in engineering designs

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