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Work in ENCAMINA​​

We don’t stop growing, so we don’t stop hiring.

As a Microsoft partner in Data&AI, Digital & App Innovation, Infraestructure, Modern Work and Security, we participate in the top cutting-edge projects of the tech sector, with national and international customers.

Join the #ENCATEAM to work with the best-known professionals of the tech community thinking in colors. Keep reading to find out more about working with us!

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Open Vacancies

Data Architect
Nuestro equipo de Data & Intelligence trabaja para dotar a las soluciones de inteligencia de negocio, proporcionando analítica avanzada y trasladando cargas de trabajo a #Azure.

Localización: Everywhere

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API Architect

Como API #Architect tendrás la responsabilidad de diseñar y desarrollar la arquitectura funcional de APIs, definir sus características y su configuración de seguridad y asumirás la responsabilidad de las APIs a lo largo del ciclo de vida dando soporte al negocio.

Localización: Everywhere

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Cloud Engineer

Nuestro equipo de Cloud Engineering se encarga de preparar los sistemas del cliente para los despliegues, migraciones, seguridad, monitorización y servicios gestionados de la infraestructura cloud.

Localización: Everywhere

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Team Lead

En este momento estamos creciendo en el área de Operaciones y buscamos Team Lead con experiencia liderando equipos de desarrollo de software.

Localización: Everywhere

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Back End Developer

Somos un gran equipo de especialistas en soluciones de transformación digital de negocio con oficinas en Valencia, Madrid y Tenerife.

Localización: Everywhere

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Tech Lead

Somos un gran equipo de especialistas en soluciones de transformación digital de negocio con oficinas en Valencia, Madrid y Tenerife.

Localización: Everywhere

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Cloud and Software Architect

Nuestro equipo de Arquitectura de Software establece las directrices y principios técnicos que se van a seguir en el desarrollo de software para que la solución cumpla los requerimientos del cliente.

Localización: Everywhere

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Full Stack Developer

Nuestro equipo de Advanced Software Development busca Full Stack Developer

Localización: Everywhere

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What Awaits You if You Join the #ENCATEAM?

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Adapt Your Office Hours to Your Workflow

Flexible schedule so you can take advantage of your most productive hours

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Our Summer Schedule Lasts 3 Months

Shorter workdays from June to September, so you can enjoy your summer

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Work From Wherever You Want

Wherever you live, if you think in Colors, you are more than welcome

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We support the tech community

There are 6 Microsoft MVPs in our team. We also sponsor community events and promote your speaking sessions and meetups

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Choose Your Training

We let our employees choose the training they want so that their talent can shine even brighter

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Work 4 Days and a Bit

The weekend starts on Fridays at 15:00 for the #ENCATEAM

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English First

We offer personalized English classes for our crack team

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We Take Care of Your Health

Get discounts on health plans to keep you healthy inside and out

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Kitchens That Make You Feel at Home

We have kitchens equipped with everything you need to stay hydrated and recharge your batteries whenever you need a break

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We Are a 365 Family

Our partners, children (and even in-laws) have access to M365

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Incentives for Getting Certified

We encourage you to become a top expert in Microsoft technology

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We Have Really Cool Gadgets

For techies like us

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We Are Very Proud of Our "Other" Results (And We Hope That Very Soon, You Will Be Too)

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We promote ICT talent by sharing all our knowledge with the techie community

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We turn internships into contracts, as an essential part of our CSR and of increasing the value of our teams

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We continuously learn and grow in Microsoft technologies to ensure safe and productive work performance

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We have a solid B+ in happiness and engagement in the work environment, according to the #ENCATEAM feedback

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We shine for our knowledge in the most cutting-edge Microsoft technologies, with dozens of certifications, competencies, and advanced specializations

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We sponsor and organize the most relevant tech events in the industry, and the speakers are ENCATEAMERS

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We are everywhere and every way, that is why we work from wherever we want, and to each their own!

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We bring creativity and innovation to society with our vision of Thinking in Colors

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Do You Like What We Do at ENCAMINA?

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One of our main values is Flexibility. Maybe this is not your moment or maybe you don’t find your perfect match in our current vacancies, so you can introduce yourself and send us your CV by filling this form.

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