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Lead Scoring

  • Quantify the interest level of your prospects
  • Prioritize leads and opportunities

Customer Insights

  • Discover who is interested in your products and services
  • Make the right decisions at the right time

ClickDimensions is a Marketing Automation solution that incorporates Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • E-mail Marketing
  • Web Intelligence
  • Campaign monitoring and automation
  • Lead Scoring
  • Social Discovery
  • Creation of Landing Pages
  • Event management
  • Data Capture features such as forms and surveys

Email Marketing

ClickDimensions has been built based on email marketing, which implies:

  • Quicker and simpler creation, sending and tracking of emails
  • Sending bulk emails to marketing lists
  • Direct or individual mailing
  • Mailing through a CRM flow
  • Tracking is stored in CRM
  • Visible and processable results to obtain the desired analysis

Web Intelligence

Discover who is interested in your products and services

  • Visualize the visits you’ve had, both from anonymous visitors and from already identified clients
  • See which companies and organizations are visiting your website and find out what interests them
  • Check what a potential customer has seen on your website before making the first contact call

Campaign Automation

Put your marketing campaigns on autopilot with ClickDimensions’ campaign builder

  • Its Drag-and-Drop interface allows you to create automatic workflows with launchers, timers and actions
  • Follow the behavior of each user seeing how they have interacted with your emails, if they have opened the message, how many clicks have they made, etc.
  • Send the participants through different flow routes, depending on whether or not they have interacted with your emails, or according to your criteria

Lead Scoring

ClickDimensions keeps track of the activity of all website visitors

  • Each one of them accumulates a Scoring based on their visits, page views, clicks on emails, etc.
  • The Scoring values are customizable (depending on how important certain sites are for you)
  • Thanks to the Scoring, the sales team can easily identify the interests of potential customers, as well as the best leads to work on

Social Discovery

ClickDimensions uses Social Discovery latest techniques

  • Search all available public information on your contacts or leads on social media
  • Track down the email addresses in the most used social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.) and link their profiles to the register in Dynamics 365

Landing Pages

ClickDimensions allows you to create dynamic landing pages, even without having HTML knowledge

  • Landing pages are automatically created in ClickDimensions
  • They are embedded to your website in a few seconds
  • You can incorporate a ClickDimensions form on your website and link it to a lead nurturing campaign
landing-pages img

Form integration

ClickDimensions makes it easy to create web forms thanks to its simple and visual Drag-and-Drop designer

  • Integrate your website’s current forms
  • Map information in Dynamics 365
  • Avoid duplicate data
  • When a visitor completes a form, ClickDimensions compares its email address with all CRM email addresses
  • For those visitors that are not in your CRM, it creates a new “potential customer” or “lead”


ClickDimensions makes it easy to create surveys thanks to its simple and visual Drag-and-Drop designer

  • Surveys can be sent by email to leads, contacts and accounts
  • They can be linked to reports
  • Surveys can also be published as landing pages
  • They can be completed by anonymous visitors
  • All data from the visitors who complete the survey will be linked to their registration in CRM

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