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Achieve Power BI Business Intelligence

A cloud-based data analysis service that generates dashboards and business reports. ENCAMINA provides you with a visual analysis of your company to improve decision-making

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All your data anytime, anywhere

Monitor the state of your organization creating dashboards and interactive reports

  • PowerBI Desktop puts the visual analysis at your fingertips with an intuitive creation of reports. Drag and drop the content exactly where you want on a flexible and fluid canvas
  • PowerBI Mobile lets you connect to data from any place and at any time thanks to the Windows, iOS and Android app
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Power Pivot Excel

Analyze and model the data

PowerPivot is an Excel add-in that you can use to carry out an effective data analysis and create sophisticated data models

  • Combine large volumes of data from different sources
  • Analyze information quickly
  • Share points of view with ease

Power View Excel

Quickly explore the data in a visual and interactive form

PowerView is a tool that allows you to create new types of reports and visualizations

  • Oriented to the interactive data exploitation
  • Allows to display graphs, charts and maps in a window
  • Link all the components of the boards
  • It is powered by PowerPivot data or tabular modeling
  • Ideal for business users as analysts, decision makers and people who work with information and data
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Power Query Excel

Discover and combine data

PowerQuery allows you to connect to any data source

  • Transform, combine and accommodate the data according to your needs
  • Export them to an Excel sheet or to a Power Pivot data model
  • The connection and data transformation processes are recorded in order to allow re-use
  • It allows you to search and connect with public data sources
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