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Power Platform Center of Excellence Methodology

Improve Your Business Processes with Power Platform Solutions

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What is a Center of Excellence?

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  • A Center of Excellence (CoE) is an area designed to drive innovation and improvement of the organization’s processes through the development of Power Platform solutions.
  • A CoE must evolve during the organization’s transformation process, empowering its users to automate and improve solutions.
  • Its main functions are:
    1. Detect solutions to be developed.
    2. Prioritize
    3. Empower users to develop their own solutions.
    4. Estimate the time needed to put a solution into production.
    5. Develop the proposed solution.
    6. Govern the Power Platform.
  • A CoE is a group of different profiles, such as Developers or Makers, Architects, Team Leaders, and Project Managers.

Learn about Microsoft’s Vision of Centers of Excellence (CoE)


A Center of Excellence Consists Of...


The architect designs the developments to be carried out and evaluates and prioritizes them according to an effort-value matrix.

Project Manager

The project manager is in charge of managing the team and guiding it throughout the process.

Team Leader

Leads the team from the technical point of view for the correct execution of the solution.

Developers or Makers

It is the team in charge of developing the solutions. It consists of Citizen Developers and Professional Developers, depending on their profile.


Product Owners

Product Owners are business users in charge of listening to the needs of the rest of the users and working together with the architect to prioritize the proposed developments. 

Why Do You Need a CoE?

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To govern all solutions created by Makers

By establishing the right policies and governance for your platform, you will keep information secure without restricting its use to users.

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To allow Makers to consolidate the acquired knowledge

Workshops help you understand how the platform works, its components, and the governance implications of its use.

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To accelerate management and time to market

The deployed packages and environment dashboards will give you a broader view of how the organization is using the platform. They will also help you manage the platform and its users.

CoE Models

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  • In the Centralized Model, all developments concentrate on a single team that establishes the priorities of the developments according to the adopted methodology (usually SCRUM).
  • In this model, a completely specialized team of makers is created, capable of developing all the solutions of the organization.
  • This model is for large-scale applications with a high development time.
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  • In the Matrix Model, a centralized team of trained and certified Microsoft Power Platform specialists govern the state of your data and implement solutions with guidelines for all.
  • This model has design, delivery, architecture and change leaders, and specialized trainers to train the client teams.
  • Client teams are made up of citizen developers who are connected with experts from the centralized structure.
  • With this model, you can scale into the thousands of people working on app creation.
  • This model works well for small solutions where the CoE should not be involved and for developing more complex solutions where a team of experts is required.

Want to Adopt Power Platform?


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Main Components of a CoE

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Microsoft offers us a starter kit to help us govern, adopt, control, and monitor the Power Platform. The CoE Starter Kit is a collection of components (Power Apps and Power BI reports) and tools designed to help you start developing a Microsoft Power Platform adoption strategy for adopting Microsoft Power Platform, focusing on Power Apps and Power Automate.

Core Components

  • Synchronize all resources into tables and build admin apps to help you get more visibility of the apps, flows, and makers that exist in your environment.
  • Synchronize tenant resources to certain Dataverse entities.
  • The inventory solution is intended to be used only by admins.

Governance Components

  • Governance is introduced once all the processes, applications, flows, resources, etc., in your environments have been inventoried.
  • You may need to gather additional information about your apps and makers or audit specific connectors or app usage.
  • The governance solution is intended for Admins and Makers.

Nurture Components

  • An essential part of establishing a CoE is nurturing your makers and creating an internal community.
  • This component contains assets relevant to everyone in the organization: admins, makers, and users of apps and flows.

Benefits of Establishing a CoE


Empower your business users to improve their processes, making developments with the platform without the IT department losing control over them or the visibility of what users are doing.


Improve knowledge about the Microsoft solution to be able to make decisions and know the implications of each decision.


Secure the platform use respecting the organization’s policies.


Accelerate the management of developments by deploying the described solutions that help you monitor developments and manage those that are disused to keep your environments clean and organized.

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We Are Power Platform Experts

ENCAMINA has Power Platform certified consultants and developers who are:

    • Trained to understand user needs.
    • Quick to transfer the needs raised to the platform, using different pieces and orchestrating them to provide the best solution.
    • Experts in visualizing and proposing solutions that truly add value.
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Why Should You Choose ENCAMINA?

  • ENCAMINA has an ideal combination of DevOps, Azure IaaS/PaaS Engineering, Security, and Consulting​ profiles.
  • Internationally recognized talent (MVPs).​
  • Proven experience​.
  • Premium connection with vendors.
  • A mindset and attitude that always THINKS IN COLORS.
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