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Medical Research Institute Hospital La Fe

Office 365: Digital Transformation of Internal Processes in a Health Research Institute

The Medial Research Institute Hospital La Fe (IIS La Fe) is a non-profit organization that manages research and the scientific policy at La Fe Hospital in Valencia. Its objectives include fostering, promoting and enhancing scientific and technological research, teaching and training.

Composed of 20 Research Groups and multiple areas in constant growth, it required solutions and tools to facilitate collaboration among departments and increase competitiveness, profitability, and productivity in all areas of the Institute.

This impelled them to start a Digital Transformation process with the help of ENCAMINA. Office 365 was the chosen solution to manage the change.

Hospital La Fe

Administration 4.0 thanks to Office 365

The Health Research Institute Hospital La Fe also needed to modernize its email solution and provide its nearly 300 employees tools that allow them to achieve greater efficiency and flexibility in communications (through instant messaging services and videoconferencing services).

ENCAMINA implemented Office 365 and Yammer and offered its advice and training to the entire team.

Benefits of the Digital Transformation Process

  • Automation of vacation request processes and other procedures, such as lab reservation
  • Centralized information and documents
  • Teleworking
  • 24×7 availability
  • More storage space for user emails and documents
  • Better internal communication and collaboration among departments
  • Reduced paper use

The implementation of Office 365 provided the Health Research Institute Hospital La Fe the flexibility, agility, collaboration and cost savings they were looking for.