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Brains International Schools

AZURE: Improving Productivity. The School in the Cloud

Brains International Schools a group of private and intercultural bilingual schools. Its educational offer, which ranges from Nursery School up to the final year of High School, is distributed across five centers located between Madrid and the Canary Islands thanks to a team of over 500 workers and nearly 4,000 students.

This diversity and the powerful administrative burden of financial, academic and labor departments, together with a somewhat oversized traditional infrastructure (on local servers), made them look for a new strategy with the help of ENCAMINA.

AZURE was the chosen solution to support this Digital Transformation.

The optimization of an IaaS infrastructure towards PaaS allowed the migration of all the data to the Microsoft cloud, as well as an improvement of solutions and services to improve productivity and profitability.

Brains International Schools

Increase productivity using technology

Having high-performance tools and improving technological solutions saved costs and increased productivity and profitability in financial departments and allowed them to invest in what is most important to them: education.

  • Hybrid infrastructure with cloud technology (optimization of an IaaS infrastructure towards PaaS, adding at SaaS level the integration of Marketing, Financial and Labor Software at the corporate level)
  • Infrastructure costs savings of up to 40%
  • Time saving
  • Productivity improvement in financial, labor and academic and administrative management departments
  • Compliance with current legislation