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Florida Universitaria

Interconnected SharePoint and Dynamics 365 to Manage Leads

Florida Universitaria is a college education center annexed to the Valencian public universities, that is part of a cooperative group born in 1977 and that houses almost any level of education from nursery school, approximately 4000 students and around 4000 professionals.

One of the main objectives of Florida Universitaria has always been to promote market and commercialization culture, oriented towards excellence. This is a client-oriented business strategy. In order to implement it and achieve the objectives, not only a cultural change is required, but the support of the appropriate tools is also needed.

That is why Florida Universitaria decided to implement a CRM (Dynamics 365) that would enable them to improve their relationship with students and customers.

Florida Contacto

Integrated Dynamics CRM and SharePoint for a better lead capture

Florida Universitaria is an organization with multiple departments and business lines, which requires a demanding level of coordination among staff members to give a consistent and infallible response to the student, and specifically to the potential student during their first contact through the different corporate channels of Florida Universitaria.

For example, when a potential student is interested in knowing more about Florida Universitaria, he or she may browse through any of the enabled channels (corporate web, switchboard, email, personal visit, fairs, etc.) and end up talking it over with someone who may not know all the necessary details.

The process must then be solid and the systems must offer the most standardized answers during first level support so that the interested student can always receive a valid response. Above all, the systems must guarantee that the query reaches out to an optimal from second level support and ensure that the client is adequately addressed.

This intelligence and automation service is offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and implemented by ENCAMINA.

Florida Universitaria

In addition to implementing CRM, it was very important to renew its website in order to improve the commercialization process of its services.

Its web portal had a specific site for its University division but did not reflect the current modern and innovative style of the organization. In addition, the architecture of the site needed to be optimized to facilitate access to information to the different target audiences (Students, Former Students, Companies, etc.). The Information Architecture was reconstructed, together with a new graphic image, and all of it was implemented on the new SharePoint 2010 For Internet Sites std platform. (FIS).

This was followed by the systems integration (between the marketing website, based on Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics 365), which increased efficiency exponentially, reduced human errors in the processes, and allowed them to respond in real time.

Many pieces for great results

In addition, workflow engines, such as the implicit one of Dynamics 365, allow them to be proactive in the process and assure that everybody does their tasks. Document and collaborative management, such as that of SharePoint or Dynamics 365, allows them to activate knowledge, be better coordinated and be consistent within the organization.

Through the use of CRM, they can now, not only retain customers but also be able to have the most effective marketing and personalize campaigns, measure results and track potential customers.

Ultimately, it’s not just about having better customer service and response but improving it in a more efficient and orderly manner.