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Hospital La Fe

Pushing Ahead the Decision-Making Process

The Hospital Universitari i Politècnic La Fe is a highly active referral hospital employing more than 7000 professionals. Hospitals already tend to have quite complex organizations but, in this case, given the size and volume of its data, the Hospital Universitari I Politècnic La Fe needed to provide accurate information on the situation of different areas and facilities at the hospital to those responsible so they could analyze it and make decisions.

To that end, the data stored in different data sources had to be reorganized and updated on a daily basis. In addition, the information should be accessible to users in a simple way, allowing them to perform their own analysis of the displayed data.

User-Centered Business Intelligence

Initially, the extraction of the data from the organization and its transformation into multidimensional structures through SQL Server is articulated. Then, a SharePoint-based solution is developed, adapted to the corporate image of LA FE, providing centralized access to PowerPivot books, which are used as an analysis tool. All this, in a usable environment where the user experience has been maximized.



  • Automated data extraction and processing operations, avoiding the need to constantly extract data from the information systems department.
  • Centralized CUIDISS user access to data, ensuring that the information is correct and up to date.
  • A greater democratization of the data, being the information of the different areas accessible to all users registered in the CUIDISS platform.
  • A friendly environment for users of the solution, in a known environment of great potential such as Excel through PowerPivot.

CUIDISS has solved all the problems they had by helping them extract the information they generate every day, transmitting it to all professionals and helping them automatically analyze information in such a way that they are now able to make decisions in a swift and efficient manner.