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Yammer for communication, knowledge and activation of equipment

SPB is a Valencian company dedicated to the design, innovation, and manufacture of household cleaning, personal care, and pharmaceuticals products, committed to the environment and its employees.

For this project, we have helped them implement the corporate social network Yammer and we have guided them in their first steps, turning Yammer into one of their main SPB communication channels and solving the communication obstacles that until then existed in the company.

SPB had the objective to find a new communication vehicle that would allow them to connect SPB people, generate knowledge and facilitate teamwork. They wanted a creative tool that could help them get to know the people in depth, not only professionally but beyond. More specifically, they wanted a vehicle that could connect the company’s headquarters and all the people who work in them.

Club Yammer

From ENCAMINA we presented them Yammer as a new form of communication where employees can connect, collaborate and coordinate. A more impersonal, close and creative medium. We helped them start the project successfully and we carried out several Yammer evangelization and formation sessions.

Our role as facilitator in the process has been key to help SPB know the functioning of Yammer, step by step, and to help them start using the network in the most appropriate way, generating quality content, in real time and in a social way.

SPB has found in Yammer a new form of communication, where they can generate knowledge and activate their teams. The connection between people has improved and, consequently, it has helped them discover the potential that these can bring to the company. Undoubtedly, Yammer has come to SPB to stay.