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A KPIs’ application that shows the organization’s pulse in real-time, based on its activity and presence according to Office 365

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What is TeamsPulse?

It’s an app (based on Power BI) that displays the status of virtual presence and employee activity, no matter where they are and what device they use.

TeamsPulse analyzes the company presence data based on employee’s activity and statuses in Office 365 to get a real-time report of employee’s dedication.

Value Proposition

TeamsPulse lets you know, at a high level, the employees’ dedication in real time, throughout the day and also historically, thanks to the detailed analysis of the state that users have in Office 365.

It mitigates the lack of knowledge about whether hundreds or thousands of teleworkers are working and, on which temporary windows that work is being made.

So it is also possible to analyze the daily habits of the workforce.

How does TeamsPulse get the data?

Connecting to Microsoft Graph

TeamsPulse connects to your organization’s data using the Graph API, with the Tenant ID and organization credentials, to get the status of Office 365 users

Deleting personal

TeamsPulse applies aggregation of data to delete the personal information (confidentiality is guaranteed)

Representation in Power BI

Indicators are displayed on a PowerBI-based App that provides KPIs for the organization’s management team

Information represented in TeamsPulse

The Report consists of 3 parts:

  1. Slider filter to be able to navigate over the day you want to analyze
  2. An area that displays an aggregation of indicators (in numerical format) in real time.
  3. A graph chart, which shows the evolution of the presence indicators analyzed. Positioning ourselves on top of each line, we can see the data at that exact point.

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