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SharePoint and NINTEX Workflow for a helpdesk system

SMIC is the Municipal Computer and Communications Service of the Sagunto City Council.  It has about 35 buildings scattered throughout the territory and supports more than 400 workers.

For this project we have helped them solve their problems managing and attending incidences, through a fusion of two key solutions: SharePoint and NINTEX Workflow.

The SMIC needed to find a solution for its CAU (Customer Service Center), which would allow them to control and manage the incidents that came from the different departments and users and that thus far had been an absolute chaos.


From ENCAMINA, we developed a custom-made application for them: HelpSMIC. This application is based on HelpShare and has workflows developed by NINTEX Workflow that allow automating incidents, facilitating their resolution.

Thanks to HelpSMIC they can know how many incidents are generated per day, which generates them, how long will it take to solve them, to what extent are users satisfied, etc.

Moreover, thanks to HelpSMIC, the Municipal Computer and Communications Service has succeeded in controlling and managing the volume of incidents in a fast, simple and efficient way. Furthermore, it has also improved the incidents resolution time and has increased the degree of satisfaction among users.