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How can help you?

online storage
  • Store multiple types of media and office files (even larger than 2GB)
  • Video streaming
  • Metadata
  • Duplicate management
  • Multiplatform
  • Integration with the Active Directory of your organization
video library

Video Library

Excellent repository to store and manage corporate videos

Perfect for:

  • Communication and Marketing Departments that want to have a place to share their corporate videos: presentation of the company, product launches, success stories…
  • Real Estate Agencies that want to promote attractively the homes from their catalogs
  • Public Administrations that want to make it easier for citizens and the press to access to plenary sessions, commissions or Governing Boards
video library


Ideal for training your internal and external public

  • It allows you to upload videos publicly or privately, know who has seen them and make a training tour by chapters
  • Very useful for Hospitals that want to share experiences and knowledge among teams: footage from surgical operations, medical specialties, etc.
  • Risk Prevention teams that want to compile their training videos and check if they are visualized

Collaborative editing

Real-time editing capability

  • Work as a team in a distributed way or from any location connected in the Azure service
  • Update changes automatically
  • Ideal for Advertising Agencies that need to edit creativities and make changes to their creations with work teams located in different offices or out of them

Audio transcription

Automatic audio recognition of a video

  • After the recognition of the audio, the system transcribes it into subtitles and indexes it in searches
  • Ideal for Public Administrations that want to transcribe a plenary session, press conference, interview or event very rapidly and swiftly

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at encamina we take care of

At ENCAMINA we take care of the…

  • Consultancy on your contents
  • Preparation of the platform
  • Support in the hiring of the respective cloud subscriptions
  • Graphic customization (logo and colors) of the website, adapting it to your image and corporate brand
  • Integration with the Active Directory of your organization
  • Remote support during the first week of use
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