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Let EduarBot Revolutionize Your Educational Institution

Microsoft Bot Framework and ENCAMINA‘s chatbot that becomes the student’s virtual assistant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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How can EduarBot help students?

Solve your doubts

EduarBot is connected with all the services of the educational institution (Administration, Library, Sports…), so it is able to provide any information requested by the student about their subjects, tutors, teachers, schedules or any other services of the University.

Round-the-clock assistance

EduarBot’s support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so the students will not have to disrupt their learning process due to the fact that the teacher is not available, nor will they have to physically go to the University to handle their inquiries.

Helps you market training products

EduarBot gives first support to the student interested in any training program, course or master, providing all the available information or referring them to the proper department.

Conversate with natural language

Thanks to Azure’s Cognitive Services, EduardBot can see, hear and interpret the students, even if they write like when they are texting. The students will be able to talk to EduarBot like if they were talking to a real person.

Multichannel environment

EduardBot can talk from the same applications that students use:  web, Telegram, Skype, SMS, Slack, email, Facebook Messenger…

In any language

There is a growing number of international students in our universities, so the bot is able to answer in Spanish, English and French.

Integration with other systems of the academic institution



of the world's population uses instant messaging apps




of the content generated by brands in customer service are conversations


of the time gives effective responses to typical student's questions




of Customer Service actions can be automated with bots

A bot that uses the same languages as your students

5 Reasons Why You Need a Specialist Partner Such as Encamina to Develop Your Bot:

  • Assure the best choice in knowledge architecture, channels, bots and smart assistants
  • Get the best end user or SSO identification system
  • Confirm the bot’s design, programming, preloadQ&A , training and testing
  • Allow framework extension to other Azure services such as LogicApps or Cortana Analytics
  • Guarantee integration with other systems to continue the process started with Dynamics 365, Office 365, K2, NINTEX, etc.

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