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GADA-i: Artificial Intelligence in Your Digital Archive Management

An intelligent classification service for fully active documents

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What is GADA-i?

GADA-i is the ideal platform for file-based management systems of all kinds:

  • Receives documentation securely
  • Classifies by applying Artificial Intelligence
  • Exposes an intelligent search service to locate information 
  • Leaves track of all accesses (logs)

Software Architecture 100% Cloud

  • Any system can connect to GADA (via REST) to operate with the files
  • AI algorithms analyze and classify the document 
  • The GADA API confirms that the invoking system has permissions, through an OAuth token 
  • In addition, GADA allows to store in a system of high capacity, availability and performance
  • The information provided in the call, together with that provided by the algorithms, feeds the metadatabase associated with the document 

Multi-Sectoral Application + AI Interface Applied to…

Classification, profiling, and generation of warnings from the document using an analysis based on Machine Learning/Cognitive Services


Connected to any application in need of documentary management 

Archiving of low or null update documents 

Data indexing to perform searches 

Cloud + AI at the Service of Your Documents



Redundancy and high geographical availability


Document classification efficiency


Productivity in file access

Access traceability

Almost unlimited storage capacity

Low cost of ownership (TCO)

Cross-functional integration

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