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Helping you migrate SharePoint and optimise performance

Prepare Your SharePoint Environments for Cloud Migration

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ENCAMINA te ayuda a migrar tus entornos 02

ENCAMINA Migrates SharePoint Environments to Microsoft Modern Workplace

ENCAMINA te ayuda a migrar tus entornos 02

Following Microsoft’s decision to discontinue SharePoint 2013 and SQL 2012 support service, you must prepare to migrate to a more collaborative, secure, low-cost, and lower-risk cloud work environment.

To continue using the service without interruption, we suggest you migrate to SharePoint 2019, the most current version, which allows you to continue using all available SharePoint farm services.

What Are the Keys to a Successful SharePoint Migration?

SharePoint migration consists of two main phases with different objectives (ENCAMINA accompanies you in both phases):

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Migration Assessment

It is the first step before starting the migration process, where we meet with stakeholders to gather information about their current SharePoint systems and create a migration plan document.

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Migration Performance

After analyzing the current SharePoint farms, we propose a migration plan to migrate all documents, (migratable) processes, security, information architecture, etc.


ENCAMINA Can Help You Migrate Your SharePoint Environments to Microsoft Modern Workplace


SharePoint Migration Scenarios

  • Migration to Microsoft 365 Cloud: Migration from Microsoft 365 OnPremise to Microsoft 365 Cloud.
  • Migration from Legacy: Migration from FileServer, Lotus Note, Drives, etc.
  • Hybrid Configuration: Combines the interaction between SharePoint OnPremise and Cloud.
  • Upgrade: SharePoint OnPremise Upgrade.
  • Integration: Integration of various systems.
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SharePoint migration is not as simple as copying and pasting things into a different folder. It requires a lot of planning, understanding your business requirements, identifying the capabilities you need in the new version, and then creating your migration strategy.

Migration Solutions

Migrate to the M365 Cloud

Migrate from M365 OnPremise to the M365 cloud.


Migrate From Legacy

Migrate from FileServer, Lotus Note, Drives, etc.

Hybrid Configuration

Combine the interaction between SharePoint OnPremise and Cloud.



Upgrade SharePoint OnPremise.



Integrate multiple systems.

Discover All the Benefits of the Modern Intranet (SharePoint Online)


Why Migrate?

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Evolving Technology

The tech world is constantly (and rapidly) evolving.

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Obsolete Features

Today, a 4-year-old system can become “obsolete”; by this, we do not mean “deprecated” but rather that there is a new version of the product that considerably improves the features of the previous one.

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Keep Up to Date with New Developments (Performance and Security)

We cannot stand still if we want to be up to date, and to do so, we must take care of our systems so that they are always up to date and not worry about the security and performance issues that this may cause.

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ShareGate as a Tool to Prepare SharePoint Migration in All Scenarios

For this type of migration, ENCAMINA uses ShareGate Desktop, a successful migration tool that has been in use for many years. ShareGate Desktop allows you to migrate both content from file systems to SharePoint Online and content from OnPremise versions of SharePoint (2010, 2013, 2016…) to other OnPremise or the cloud.

sharegate como herramienta de preparacion de migracion 01
microsoft fasttrack

Microsoft FastTrack

microsoft fasttrack

Microsoft FastTrack assists with migrating email and data to Microsoft 365, at no additional cost, for eligible business spaces with 500 or more licenses.

FastTrack also guides you in enabling OneDrive and SharePoint, as well as preparing the migration environment.

If you choose to use FastTrack to migrate your files to SharePoint Online, you will receive:

  • Migration instructions and data migration services.
  • Instructions to help you plan your migration strategy, set up the source and SharePoint Online environments, and take advantage of data migration services to migrate your files.
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Why Should You Choose ENCAMINA?

  • ENCAMINA is an ideal combination of DevOps, Azure IaaS/PaaS Engineering, Security, and Consulting profiles.
  • Internationally recognized talent (MVPs).
  • Proven experience.
  • Premium connection with vendors.
  • A mindset and attitude that always THINKS IN COLORS.
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Need Help?

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