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SmartBot: The Intelligence That Markets Your Products 24/7

A sales and customer service solution based on Azure Bot Framework, Dynamics 365 and Machine Learning, with the sufficient spark of intelligence to fully integrate with the company’s management systems and the outside world

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How Does SmartBot Help Your Customers?

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Doubt Resolution

SmartBot is connected to the Dynamics 365 of the organization and includes structured information of interest to clients and potential customers, therefore capable of providing any information requested by the customer on products, services, corporate information, contact information, etc.

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24/7 Support

Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so the client doesn’t have to wait, even when no one is on the other end of the phone, or physically go to a branch office to make inquiries.

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Marketing of Products and Services

SmartBot gives a first commercial push for customers who are interested in your products, providing them with all available information and trying to lead them to a closing down sale process, according to the type of customer that they have been detected as based on their behavior.

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Natural Language Interaction

Thanks to Azure’s Cognitive Services, SmartBot is able to see, hear and interpret each client, even if they use an “SMS text style”. The clients will be able to interact with SmartBot as if talking to a real human being.

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Multi-Channel Environment

SmartBot can speak from the same applications that the client uses: web, Telegram, Skype, SMS, Slack, email, Facebook Messenger…

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In Any Language

It is becoming increasingly important to be able to assist each client in the language they are most comfortable using. Therefore, the bot is able to answer in an increasing number of available languages.

How Does SmartBot Do It?

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And there’s more!


of the world's population uses instant messaging apps


of the content generated by the brands in customer service are conversations


effective response to common client questions


of customer service actions can be automated with bots

A Bot That Uses the Same Language as Your Clients

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Specialist Partner Such as Encamina to Develop Your Bot

  • You get the best choice on architecture of knowledge, channels, bots and smart assistants.
  • You get the SSO or end-user identification system.
  • You confirm its design, programming, Q&A preloading, training, and bot testing.
  • You allow the framework extension to other services within Azure, such as LogicApps or Cortana Analytics.
  • You ensure integration with other systems, such as Dynamics 365, Office 365 or NINTEX, in order to continue the initiated process
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