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SanLucar Fruits

Everyware Solution for the Quality Control at San Lucar Fruits

SanLucar Fruit is a German multinational specialized in the production and commercialization of fresh fruit and vegetables. It currently has over 2,000 employees distributed among the 35 countries where it is present and has offices, headquarters and production areas.

The main objective and differential value of this multinational is the quality of the over 90 fruit and vegetable varieties that they distribute across the globe, fully dedicating their efforts to orientate themselves towards a very specific market of Premium fruits and vegetables.

To achieve these strategic marketing and positioning objectives in the Premium fruit market, exhaustive quality controls are necessary throughout the entire process, which ranges from fruit picking to its public exposure for sale. This requires to have the necessary tools to support and speed up this process, and allow quality technicians to carry out the appropriate controls in the most efficient way possible, as well as to have the information as close as possible to keep the traceability of the product, guaranteeing that the best product is chosen at each of the individual control points.

Taking into account these needs and the potential for improving the productivity of quality technicians, it was decided to develop a mobile application (app) for IOS, deployable and supported by both iPhone and IPad, to allow the entire quality control process to be carried out at the different points in which it is undertaken, from the harvest to the arrival of the fruit to the final customer. Once the business process was analyzed and documented, ENCAMINA developed the app focusing all their attention on the application look & feel, to maximize user experience and improve the productivity of the technicians, without leaving aside any of the details of the business process to be implemented.

The resulting application is the fruit of a development based on the Sencha Touch framework as user interface, and a series of JavaScript business logic and SQLite local databases, to get the application to work offline, even when there’s no reception in the fields, and to allow technicians to pass the quality controls even without connectivity. In addition, the application is responsible for consolidating the data automatically, when coverage is detected, against a service layer hosted on SanLucar that communicate directly with their ERP.

Thanks to this mobile app developed by ENCAMINA, technicians not only have a platform that improves their experience and productivity, but they also have a tool on their mobile and business tablet that allows them to trace and track the quality of the crops they produce around the world, promoting the strategic objective of SanLucar to position itself as one of the main international brands in the Premium fruit and vegetable market.